31 January 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

(my new favorite mugs staking precious counter space claim)

(Splitting a bottle of Cabernet)

(mini strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...sadly, didn't thrill me. 
I'm in a baking rut and it's bumming me out)

(candlelight & purple tulips)

(green calcite crystal, gifted by Julia)

(new green striped sheets)

Spending extended time with my closest female friends served me well this weekend. I felt a pang as they left on the Sunday morning train, but waved goodbye with a full heart. These women are soul mates and I feel indescribably lucky for the presence of their sunny spirits, infectious laughter and warm company.

Most of the weekend revolved around the table, where a steady stream of munchies, tea, and later, wine, kept us nourished as we caught up on our respective lives. 

In other news, I stopped by West Elm in Columbus Circle after work on Friday and splurged on a new set of sheets. I couldn't resist the classic stripes in the freshest shade of green. Before ducking onto the subway, I poked around the flower stall in Whole Foods and left with three gorgeous bouquets; tulips in shades of royal purple and bright fuchsia, and a smaller wildflower variety. Little pleasures like these and feel-good friends made my weekend.

What made yours?

(all photos snapped on my iPhone)


  1. I love how you swished into West Elm after work, you glamourous girl, you! The new sheets are rather special - I do love me good stripe. As for the candlelight and blooms - well, they are lovely.

    Glad your weekend was filled with fun and friendship!

  2. Those mugs! Oh my oh my. And, I understand why you couldn't resist those stripes. Super cool. Feel-good friends are the best. Watching the Shawshank Redemption under a sea of blankets with my roommates made my weekend!

    Hope your week is just as nice as your weekend!

  3. love the huge mugs!! perfect for my morning coffee and such a cheerful and colorful pattern! would you mind terribly telling where you found them?
    thank you for your daily optimistic inspiration!

  4. Geri, of course I don't mind sharing. I found them at Pier 1 on the Upper East Side a couple of weeks ago. I would think they'd still be in stock at your local store, but here's the online link to check in case:


    I hope you find them :)

  5. Those sheets are darling, and this looks like an absolutely wonderful weekend! I'm always so impressed at how well you document your weekend coming-and-goings!

    xo, Lena

  6. These are the sweetest details-- love it!

  7. my girl friends are my heart. :) so glad you got a chance to spend time with them. hot tea and sleep made my weekend! :)

  8. thanks so much kayla for the link... your a doll! have the best week ever! geri xx


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