07 January 2011

Snow Day + Going to the Chapel + Blinks

A few things I've seen and loved recently...

Another of Rachel's gorgeous creations is on my mind. (I have yet to take off my pretty ring since receiving it two months ago)

One of the most visually stunning posts I've ever come across (seen on The Vamoose)

So in love with this free printable calendar created by Ez. Can't wait to hang it!

Library heaven. (via Hither & Thither)

 Still completely enamored with Masha's calligraphy

 A conservatory garden apartment in NYC? When can I move in? (spotted on Frolic)

  I love everything about this wedding. And the bride's name is Kayla! (via Style Me Pretty)

Received a call at 5:15 AM informing me that school is closed due to the impending snowstorm later this afternoon. I didn't even wear my pajamas inside out last night! (ever hear of that superstition?). I performed a series of cartwheels on the rug before crawling back into bed for a few hours.

Crossing my fingers and toes hoping that the snow doesn't mess with our flight tonight, though. We're off to Buffalo for the wedding of a dear friend (my college roommate). She's one of the first of my peers to get married and I couldn't be more excited for a weekend of love and celebration.

Hugs & smooches.


  1. Oh Kayla - you know that library is at my undergrad university in Dublin? I loved seeing it on blogs this week. It really is a lovely place.

    This is a great round-up. Have a marvelous weekend!

  2. Cartwheels on the rug - oh, what fun! Happy Snow Day!

    Already looking forward to Scenes from the Weekend.

  3. I love that ring of yours... it's so gorgeous and simple.

    And as I read this, I'm drinking tea and I have warm slippers on. Close enough, right? Happy snow day :)!!!

    Best of luck with the flight tonight. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

  4. Oooh, those pink shoes are gorgeous! Makes me wanna buy them for my wedding day some day:-)

    Hope your flight is not delayed! And that it may snow at your friend's wedding. It would be SO romantic!

  5. Jane, Oh how I envy you for that. How did you ever get any actual school work done? I'd be too taken with the magnificence of it all to concentrate on writing and researching cogently!

    Will, looking forward to taking them. Hopefully I won't be so tipsy that I can't hold the camera steady ;)

    Emily, Yayayay! I love our job :) And thanks for the positive thought thinking.

    Maya, Oh it would be so romantic. I think they have tons of snow there already, but a fresh snowfall would be magic.

  6. all so lovely! enjoy your weekend, Kayla!

  7. i literally GASPED when i saw the conservatory garden apartment!!! OH MY GOODNESS. heaven on earth that is.

  8. so I'm getting married and guess who's blog I thought of first? YOURS! Seriously, like I've said before, your blog has a little of everything! Its like the New York Times of blogging! Love it!

  9. Love everything you posted here - especially that second photo from Vamoose! Glad you saw some snowfall - hope it didn't interfere with your weekend plans!

  10. I have been wanting comment for such a long time, just telling you how much I enjoy all of your postings. It would be an honour for me if you'd visit me some time in the future!! Yours, Theresa


  11. Zaira, your comment made my day. But more importantly, where have I been?? Congratulations, my friend! When's the big day?

    Therea und Eva-Maria, thank you for commenting! I can't wait to pour myself a cup of tea and take a tour of your blog :)


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