12 January 2011

What's Your Amazing?

This sentiment probably stirs up something different in each of us and I am curious to know what it means for you. Where do you wander in your daydreams? What sort of adventures do you seek? Are you a game-changer? A traveler? A helping hand? What is your "something amazing?" Does it change or remain consistent?

Mine ebbs and flows, and for today, is characterized by simplicity. It is having the luxury to remain under the covers for an extra few hours (thanks to mother nature blowing in a winter storm); to linger over my cup of coffee at the kitchen table and watch the snowflakes pirouette outside; to inhale the scent of brownies baking and admire the velvety petals of yellow roses opening on my desk; to organize household oddities and leaf through the pages of a crisp magazine; to realize that "something amazing" can often be found in the tiniest moments.



  1. Your amazing - simplicity - sounds divine right now. January has been a funny month for me - very busy, and with very little time for myself or to stop and appreicate the smaller things. I'm hoping for some time this weekend to do just that.

    Thanks for writing so much sense over here - it's hugely refreshing.

  2. Lovely post Kayla...a nice reminder to focus on my "amazing"...I have a lot to be thankful for. Merci! xx

  3. Darling, what an absolutely beautiful post. I think for me, amazing is coming home to a warm, happy space and that supportive, sweet man of mine. Between work and rehearsals, I'm stretched pretty thin these days, but curling up next to him for an hour or two every night makes the whole world fall away, and that's amazing.

  4. I would say "ditto" to the previous post:-) Without having any major epiphany of a sort, lately I am just enjoying every little pleasure at home and my man. I am not waiting for anything big to happen. I am trying to adopt a general peace of mind where I don't allow little things to annoy me but rather look at them and smile. Having a supportive person by one's side is the difference between being miserable and happy and I truly hope that we all find one soon and we all feel happy and amazing. :)

    Corny much? :)

  5. love this post, kayla! amazing to me is simple acts of kindness + helping others. a smile or hello to someone passing by, an extra thank you, getting up for someone who needs a seat on the train more than i do... i feel like those small acts of common courtesy are happening less and less these days. Also, amazing to me is seeing a group of people come together to help improve their community and the lives of others.

  6. so exquisitely put my sweetie. how about just imbibing the silence of the moment. can't get better than that..thank you for posting.

  7. Will, I hope you are indeed able to find some respite soon.

    Susan, don't we all! glad to serve as a reminder.

    Lena & Maya, Oh yes, I 100% share this sentiment too.

    Caroline, one of the many reasons I like you. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Mom, thank you and you're welcome :) (you figured out how to comment!)

  8. This might be one of my favorite posts, and you just cheered me up! Thanks love : )

    ps- your honey bean comment seriously made me laugh today!! I loved it and didn't think it was weird at all. xo

  9. Very well put. I couldn't agree with you more that it's all about the tiniest moments sometimes. I've been especially feeling that way as we start the new year.

    PS. I love that you have the same print(s) from that photographer. It is such a joyful photo!

  10. Those little slow amazing moments are a definite necessity. For me, it's getting out and doing something new, or just different than the usual. Today, I think I'm going to unwind at a cafe, drink some tea, and blog a bit.


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