25 February 2011

Blinks + Bubble Bath

Happy Friday! Now, blinks. Because they're fun:

 "A Couple of Banchory Pugs," available for purchase here, via my pinterest

Eye candy: colorful paintings by Leslie Bell, discovered on Sfgirlbybay

"It's a Small World" Embroidery Hoop. Just delightful. (via Blue Moss)

Excited about this new blog that publishes illustrated recipes that sound as delicious as they look (found via A Diary of Lovely)

 Wise words from a wise soul. (via Aubrey Rd tumblr)

 Whoa! A Nikon red velvet cake. Blowing my mind. (spotted on East Coast Time)

More cake: I can't stop thinking about Chelsea's moist chocolate & juicy orange confection

Such a beautiful shot (by Miss B)

Kind of obsessing over duffle bags lately. Love this sky blue one, spotted on Miss Moss

 It's very true. (via Rikshaw)

 I could look at great bookshelf styling all day. (via Escapade)

 Paris. Can't resist. (via j'adore)

I need a long, hot bath. That's what I've decided. A quality soak with yummy salt scrub and a lavender candle. Not quite sure what else the weekend has in store, but that sure sounds like a lovely place to begin.

Thank you, all of you, for your delightful comments and conversation this week. And to my newest readers: welcome aboard! Big hugs all around.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend Kayla! xo

  2. I would not be able to cut into that cake, ha! It looks too nice! Have a fabulous weekend! :) I'm glad I found your website!

  3. A long hot bath sounds like heaven! Especially on a rainy Friday like today.
    Have a great weekend!!

  4. There's nothing so indulgent like a bubble bath. For me, I think it's going to be that chocolate orange cake. After all, I do have all the ingredients I need in the house. Kayla, you're a gem. I'm glad I had time to get myself organized and get you on my Google Reader feed so I don't miss any more moments of your loveliness. Happy Weekend, darling!

  5. Thanks for the slice of Parisian glam this Friday afternoon!

    Enjoy your weekend, friend! xo

  6. that camera cake made me do a double take - simply fantastic!

  7. wow, there are so many great things in this post, but i'm completely taken by the illustrated recipes. what a clever idea!

    thank you so much for your sweet comment. i'm so glad we've gotten to "meet" here in blogland!!

    i hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  8. I looooooove that duffle!!!

    Have a great weekend, lady.

  9. Ohhhh have a wonderful weekend as well!

    P.S. Had to show my husband that red velvet cake stat..brilliant cake for a zealous photographer..

    P.P.S. Blue Moss features the best stuff. She posts a new pair (or two) of shoes and I immediately want them..

  10. beautiful photo post round up! some good weekend reading here, have a good weekend :)
    love that painting and embroidery!

  11. I LOVE that it's a small world embroidery. So neat!

  12. my jaw DROPPED at that camera cake. holy moly. i am in total awe!!!

  13. love the painting (& most anything artsy with that coral pink in it)
    ~that Nikon looks too good to eat!

  14. I love the photos, and that embroidery hoop is just precious.


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