18 February 2011

Blinks + Long Weekend

An assortment of pretties spotted this week:

Loving the vibrant work of new-to-me artist, Hadley Holliday (discovered on Civetta)

I wish I could afford this amazing bag from Kate Spade's summer 2011 collection. It's called "Gwen." My brand new Nikon deserves a stylish portable home, dontchya think? (spotted on Ali Loves Curtis)

 Pretty wooden bracelet (via Bliss)

 I want to bury my face in this peach cake (seen on Kiss the Groom)

 I'm not the only one with a mug problem, right? Loving these colorful "dip" ceramic mugs from Crate & Barrel. (Link found through My Favorite Things)

Speaking of mugs, I've been itching to try this recipe for warm grapefruit tea

 Paris Graffiti Kiss print. I might need to add this to my Little Brown Pen collection.

I've had my eye on public bikes since last spring. This orange one is awesome, especially against that robin's egg blue. (spotted on Seesaw)

 We're having a coin drive at school and I am so tempted to buy this adorable glass piggy bank...my kiddos would have a field day. (spotted on Little White Whale)

Spring decided to come out and play...at least for a couple of days. It's slated to be a balmy 62 in New York City today, and even if the temperature drops back down to 40 again for the rest of the weekend, I'm going to try and hang on to the feeling of sun beams bouncing on my face. I have Monday & Tuesday off for President's day, so technically, a four-day weekend awaits. If all goes according to plan, thesis headway will be made, the house will be scrubbed and a pedicure will be had. Aside from that, we'll see where the wind takes me...

Blowing you all a big kiss. Go enjoy!


  1. Love that KS bag!

    Enjoy your four days off, my friend!

  2. oh man that kate spade bag is to die for. way too friggin' cute.

  3. Enjoy the long weekend & beautiful weather! :)

  4. Monday AND Tuesday-you lucky girl! That Kate Spade camera bag is so chic, and I think I'm going to make up some of that divine sounding grapefruit tea this weekend-horray for Friday!

    xo, Lena

  5. What cute mugs! I might have to pick up a few - they'd make such a colorful addition to our kitchen. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. sun, thesis, and a pedicure! get it girl! sounds like a nice long weekend : )

  7. that peach cake just assaulted all of my senses. omg. amazing. and the piggy bank? I would have flipped out over it as a little kid (what am i talking about i'm flipping out now?). have a LOVELY longgg weekend and enjoy that pedicure!

  8. I love your Friday blinks!

    And no, you're not the only one with a mug problem...

    Enjoy your four-day weekend, especially the pedicure. I had one on Monday, with paraffin, and it was AMAZING!

  9. ps....just found this blog about childrens books and wanted to share with you!
    you probably already know about it, but just in case :) xo.

  10. wow, that peach cake looks incredible! happy sunday, miss poole :)

  11. I love so many things, where do I begin?!
    A. I love your blog, I just found it and it's fresh and exciting to read!
    B. More specifically, I love the peach cake!
    C. And the Paris Graffiti Kiss print
    D. And...what the heck, lets throw in the amazing orange bike!

  12. Melina & Eva: thanks for visiting! I stopped by both of your blogs and am happy to have found some new blog friends :)

    everyone, thank you for all your sweet comments...hope your weekends were fabulous

  13. Kayla - Thank YOU for checking out my blog! I appreciate it so much and I'm so so glad you love it! :) The more friends, the merrier!

  14. That peach cake is SO going on my list of things to make! And I can't wait to move back to the NYC/NJ area and buy myself a bicycle like that. I'll have to save lots and lots of pennies first though. Hope you had a beautiful long weekend, my dear!


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