15 February 2011

Etsy Faves: Colorful & Bright

A peek at what's currently at the tippity top in my Etsy "favorites:"

I've thoroughly enjoyed this crazy, snowy winter, but I think my current tastes indicate how ready I am for the vibrancy of springtime. Hear that, spring? Where are you?


  1. Love the Invincible Spring print! And I am quite ready for spring too, as much as I love winter I've had quite enough of it this year, time to move on to warmer, longer days!

  2. Em & Will, it's supposed to be 65 degrees here this Friday...cannot wait!

    Lena, I love its brightness!

  3. oh kayla. i am SO ready for spring. i have been cold for waaaay too long. that invincible spring print is perfect, and beautifullll!


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