03 February 2011

I Love Doodle

(coffee that's always late)

(f*ck pollution!) 

 (when I grow up)

(my belly is a polar bear)

(I dig U)

(life is wonderful)

(born to be a conductor)

(ninja moon)

 (I'm like a hummingbird)

I couldn't resist sharing these clever illustrations from I Love Doodle, discovered via Oh, Hello, Friend. They made me laugh out loud when I first saw them. The above are just a tiny sampling of his portfolio, so if you need a good chuckle today, I encourage you to check out (tons) more. I really get a kick out of stuff like this.


  1. The life is wonderful design makes me SMILE!

  2. These are beyond cute and definitely put a smile on my face!!!

  3. I love the paper airplane... "when I grow up"... awesome!

  4. Oh, I absolutely love these! How adorable!

  5. I'm still giggling over the first one. Latte?! Get it? :)

  6. So happy you all enjoyed a laugh or two, today. Pass it along!

  7. I saw those too! So cute and clever. My fave is the paper airplane :)

  8. these are so adorable! i love the latte one - i'm always a sucker for a silly pun :-)

  9. These are lovely! I love your blog!
    Can I ask your permission to repost some of these in my own blog?


    I hope you find the time to check it out too.

    Happy New Year! ^^


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