23 February 2011

Project Style: Botanical Military Fusion

When: Saturday, February 19, 2011
Where: Our front yard, Ridgewood, NJ
What: Walking home from brunch and errands in town
Why: I was feeling excited about fresh flowers and wearing a favorite outfit
Wearing: Military-Style Jacket: H&M, Botanical Scarf: H&M, Jeans: LOFT, Boots: Steve Madden, Bag: H&M, Hair: unwashed, Face: makeup-less except for Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in "Raisin"(It was Saturday morning. Makeup-free isn't the norm, but on the weekends...well, I'm lazy).

I have no intention of turning this space into a fashion blog but I am trying to edit and purge my wardrobe in order to nail down (and build) my everyday personal style. I thought this little series could be helpful as I focus on the process.

I wear that bag almost daily, those boots saw me through the winter and the jacket & scarf are both newly purchased and instantly beloved. This photo shoot was not preplanned or styled: simply a glimpse into my "everyday look" with hopes that occasionally documenting what I'm wearing will keep me accountable to present as decently fashionable.

Hope you'll follow along in the coming weeks (I'm aiming to post "project style" a few times per month, but no real set schedule yet).

(photos taken by Tiho for "project style")


  1. I like this fun new series, Kayla. Great to see some 'real' outfit images after days of countless model images from NYFW/LFW! You look fab!

    P.S. Jealous of your fresh blooms!

  2. Love the idea...and my boots like that have also helped me through the winter! Looking good, lady! ;)

  3. Such a cute look! I love the scarf and the boots! You're adorable and sooo pretty!

  4. you are too cute! love the look.

  5. Lookin' pretty damn good for no makeup sissy!

  6. love your military jacket - I've had that on my wish list for so long.

    ps. bonus points for no makeup, you look great!

  7. LOVE that scarf! and how you totally pull off this look. so cute :)

  8. I read the title and though, "Oh dear, she's lost it!" But this is so darn adorable! I love the combination, and I'm totally smitten with this peak into your everyday style!

    xo, Lena

  9. Kayla, you are seriously so cute! And you live in NJ?? You'll have to come over for brunch one day when I finally move back to NJ/NYC this summer!

  10. You look adorable!


  11. y'all are so nice to me! big kiss.


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