07 February 2011

Scenes From The Weekend


(celebrating the lunar new year with a classroom parade on Friday)

(riding trains, killing time on platforms)

 (procrastination at its finest)

(cafe garland and a very wet NYC)

(newly acquired heart bottle...thanks, mom!)

 (boots & umbrella drying on the porch)

A new day, a new week...how are we all feeling? I thoroughly enjoyed the past couple of days. Celebrating the Lunar New Year in school on Friday with music, crafts, costumes, food and a parade served as a fun end to a busy week. Post work, Tiho and I curled up with a blanket and alternated between watching some DVR'ed shows and reading. In the winter, there's nothing I enjoy more than a cozy night at home.

We woke up early on Saturday and trekked back into the city to meet my mom for lunch and see The King's Speech (excellent). It was rainy, windy and chilly, but we stayed toasty thanks to my cheap-o cherry-red umbrella and hot beverages. After the movie and some meandering, we stopped by a tiny bakery for afternoon tea, cupcakes and the most delicious lemon coconut bar I've ever tasted. Superlative highly necessary. Before heading home, Tiho and I met up with our good friends Elizabeth & Grant for a light dinner and chitchatting. On the train, I stared out the window and watched the moon dance in and out of the fog.

Sunday's gorgeous weather left me feeling a bit morose because I didn't have much time to savor it (assignment deadlines took priority). Hazelnut coffee, $3 daffodils and a scrumptious breakfast wrap helped ease the pain. We didn't end up going to our friend's Superbowl party because poor T was swamped with work: he's a web designer/programmer and has been logging lots of extra hours to finish an important coding project. In all honesty, it was nice to spend the evening in pajamas. I watched the game but only for the commercials.

Let's go make some magic this week, k?


  1. Well, a smashing weekend (heavy workload asides, but i love that you see the positive in the PJ front!). Here's to an equally brilliant week.

    P.S. King's Speech is brill. I watched A Single Man this weekend - another of Firth's finest moments.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend, and I'm glad you still got to enjoy the commercials even if you weren't at the party! Hope this week isn't too hectic for you both, workwise!

    xo, Lena

  3. Let's make lots of magic! I'm so glad you saw The King's Speech -- wasn't that last scene with the Beethoven playing underneath incredible? And I love all these photos you too (the ones of you are particularly awesome). Glad you had so much fun this weekend!

  4. daffodils are magic on their own :) I LOVE THEM. they used to grow outside my grandmothers house when i was a little girl. love your pics of them! xo.

  5. Will, King's Speech left me speechless...and Colin Firth is yummy.

    Caroline, we had three traditional Chinese dragon heads...the kids loved them!

    Lena, thank you...this week should be relatively painless since we worked our booties off on Sunday :)

    Brandi, glad you enjoyed my moment of vanity/self-indulgence/procrastination...and thank you for the compliment! I really enjoy sharing my own photos on here.

    Kimia, they really are magic. Definitely one of my favorite flowers...I'm so happy their season is coming!


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