21 February 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

(stock in a jar)

 (A few more breton stripes added to my wardrobe)

(light reading...the March covers are so pretty!)

(week-old tulips still thriving)

(full moon + crazy cloud dance at midnight)

 (enjoying toast with honey on a watercolor plate I couldn't leave behind in the store)

("pink super ladies" = best name ever?)

Checking in briefly to share a glimpse of my weekend so far (school's closed 'til Wednesday).

After work on Friday afternoon, I went shopping in Soho with two of my colleagues/friends and focused on buying a few quality pieces to enhance my wardrobe. We ducked into a local bakery for smoothies and conversation when the streets started to get really crowded: the weather was beautiful and it seemed like all of NYC came out to frolic in lower Manhattan.

By Saturday morning, the temperature had dropped 30 degrees, so T and I bundled up for cappuccinos & crepes at Yum-Yum cafe and then ran some errands (I bought enough flowers to fill every room). After that, we didn't leave the house at all. We did manage a much-needed cleaning spree in between bouts of reading, writing, lounging and movie-watching (Waiting For Superman). Sunday found us in pajamas all day.

I'm spending today and tomorrow working and writing from home and will try to find an hour to venture into town for a pedicure and coffee break. My winter tootsies are craving a little pampering.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your weekend and found some time to decompress. Anything special go down?

P.S. I impulsively joined pinterest last week and have been spending more time than I care to admit pinning inspiration. Follow my pinboards if you'd like to be friends there.


  1. love stock (especially deep purple)! glad you had good start to your long weekend!

  2. What a perfect weekend and full of so much prettiness!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Love your new striped tops!

  4. What a delicious long weekend you've been having! You must tell me where you found those darling Breton stipes-they're perfect!

    xo, Lena

  5. Just read your comment on my blog post about all my worrying. Thank you! Your words were just exactly what I needed.

    That, and another glass of water!

  6. Lena: I got them at Uniglo in Soho...and get this, only $20 each! The quality feels like they should be triple that. I looked on the website, but didn't see them there...they don't seem to have most of the in-store stock.

  7. that sounds like a very sweet weekend! i love the pink super ladies - so pretty! i just discovered your blog through erin's blog, pughs' news, and i'm so glad i did. it's beautiful and fabulous!

  8. My weekend was similar except I didn't get to buy enough flowers to fill every room in my home.

    Hmm, I should do that today :)

    Your blog is lovely, personal and real. I"m glad I found it. Have a wonderful week!

  9. your weekend looks so spring filled! i need to go buy new tulips, mine are on their last breath :) and im convinced pinterest is a black hole of time poorly spent. haha.

  10. The cloud looks like a frog! I love the magazine shot - heaven on paper!

  11. Kimbirdy, thank you! Erin's shoutout was such an unexpected treat...I'm glad to have made a new blog friend :)

    Marjorie Rose, that's one of the nicest compliments I could ever receive about this space. Thank you so much.

  12. Will, ha! I see the frog, too funny.


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