01 February 2011

Shape Shifting

This winter, I've gotten into the habit of baking brownies nearly every weekend. I'll never tire of them, but I think I'm going to pick up a bunch of cookie cutters in different shapes to have a little fun. Aren't heart brownies the sweetest?

Two sets I'm eying:

Kaiser Bakeware Heart Cookie Cutters, (set of 6 available on Amazon for $9)

P.S. A little wisdom from a four-year-old student: "My mom cuts my grilled cheese samiches into dinosaur shapes. They taste so much better."


(heart brownie source)


  1. That quote from your student is beyond cute!

  2. Will, can I just say how much I love that you are almost always my first commenter every day. It makes me smile.

  3. growing up i never liked brownies, and then last year i discovered i actually love them. i'd probably would like them more in the shape of a heart or star!

  4. Heart brownies? Sign me up! What a cute quote from your student!

  5. Your student is too cute! And I totally agree with him, shaped food definitely tastes better, I mean they say you eat first with your eyes, right?

  6. I have that very set of hearts. I think I need to get the stars now, too! My boys love it when I cut their sandwiches into dinosaurs. They're quite keen on train-shaped grilled cheese, too...

    PS: I know what you mean about Top 40 stuff making good workout music. I'm embarrassed to admit, but Ke$ha always makes me fun faster (perhaps am trying to get away from her utter trashiness?)
    Happy Tuesday, Kayla!

  7. Oof. I meant "run faster" not "fun faster." Still sleepy...

  8. Why is it that shaped food always tastes better? Heart shaped brownies would be nirvana!

    Also, I have you a little shout out today-you were too adorable last week to resist!

  9. Caroline, I'm so glad brownies are a part of your life now. They are highly necessary ;)

    Colleen & Em, It was one of those burst out laughing moments on my part. And so of course, the kid is like, "What? What's so funny?"

    Erin, ha, I got it. My current favorite top 40 is "Club can't handle me" by Flo Rida, so we're even ;)

    Lena, you're my heart. Seriously. Muchas besas, my sweet friend!

  10. I love the hearts! I'll take my brownies in any form.

  11. Those heart brownies look super sweet and oh-so-tasty! xo style, she wrote

  12. adorable quote!! and the 4 year old is right. food in any animal shape as a rule, just. tastes. better.


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