08 February 2011

Stay Wonky

I love every piece of fabulous advice on this poster, but it's the "stay wonky" that convinced me it deserves a place in my home. Lesley & Pea's 2011 Aardvark manifesto available from the Keep Calm Gallery

Maybe you recognize the popular 2010 Aardvark manifesto? Man, I want this one too (keep it wonky...).

And this one, entitled Boat of Life:

Did I mention they're all letterpress and use recycled paper? See the whole Lesley & Pea collection here.


  1. These are fabulous, I love the Boat of Life!! And I'm totally with you, a firm believer in keeping it wonky =)

  2. Love these, and also am a fan of wonkiness. ;)

  3. I've got the 2010 Aardvark manifesto on my bedroom wall! We are clearly kindred spirits.

    Happy Tuesday, Kayla. Loved your scenes of the weekend yesterday! Daffodils always, always make me smile.

  4. Very nice your blog!!it's so cute!! enhorabuena!!!
    Besos desde España. TE sigo a partir de ahora!!

  5. haha. stay wonky :) i love it. reminds me of advice my mom would give. what a fabulous company!

  6. They're all so wonderful, how could you chose?! Stay wonky-such a perfect credo!

  7. OOOO, I really love these, I want one!

  8. Erin, I am not surprised in the least bit :)

    Everyone, glad I'm not alone in my appreciation of wonky.


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