11 February 2011

Valentines + Blinks

Hey Friday! Wussup! But first, a few blinks (blog links)...

This piano keys quilt is so beautiful.

I'm not always a fan of wedding photo "props," but I could definitely get behind this one (no pun intended). See the rest of the pretty wedding here.

 Beautiful summer bouquet print. (Discovered via Strikes Our Fancy)

Zara kids. Even her hairdo is cool. (via Patterson Maker)

How could you not have fun in this room? (spotted on Bright Bazaar)

Tiho and I recently discussed adding a few wall hooks to our entry way and voila! Look what I find. Problem is, I'd never want to cover them with anything. (via Hooray)

 I've been admiring tablescapes lately, and this one just blew me away. Actually, the entire NYC wedding is perfection.

You're welcome. (from here)

 I will own a Michelle Armas original one day. I will own a Michelle Armas original one day. I will own a Michelle Armas original one day. Affirmations, people. (Her paintings keep getting better & better.)

Hello perfect little gold heart studs. Be mine? (Spotted on Hip Hip Gin Gin)

 Watercolor-dipped baggies of tulips. Simple beauty. (Tokketok's brilliant work)

Feeling very grateful for the arrival of the weekend. I plan to tackle a hefty to-do list, which includes crafting Valentines for a particularly special group of preschoolers. My construction paper and glitter pens are ready. I'm spending today in Connecticut on a professional development retreat with my colleagues (our school owns a nature reserve and lodge there). I'll be home tonight and ready to nosedive into productivity. Don't worry, the house is stocked with wine and chocolate and cheese. I'm as happy as a clam.

Lots of xoxoxoxoxoxo's to send you into Valentine's Day weekend. 
Hope it's a great one!


  1. Love your blinks & affirmations! That girls hair is so awesome, I want that look! ;)

    p.s.--I don't meant jump in front of Will today, just up early. xox

  2. I love that painting too!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend Kayla!

  3. Yay for being as happy as a clam!

    I love the wedding, the polka dot wall (thanks for link love!), the blooms and that quilt is so pretty.

    Have a BRILL weekend my friend. xo

  4. enjoy your retreat (and chocolate + cheese + rest of the weekend!)

    I agree, the hooks are too cute to cover up - I couldn't bear to hang more than a handbag strap from them :)

  5. How do I pick a favorite (or three)?! Those adorable heart studs, that floral print, a rooftop wedding, dipped flower bags?!? Have a wonderful day in the country, and a terrific weekend, darling!

    xo, Lena

  6. zara for kids!? oh my gosh. how dangerous for my future children :) and yes--even her hair is cool. i love her little bangs and bun!

  7. i just have to say - I find a lot of inspiration from your blog...little things that just make me feel all sparkly and lovey-eyed.


  8. Susan, HA! That made me laugh. Of course I enjoy having you first too, my dear :)

    Jane, thank you! Hope yours was a delight.

    Will, when I saw those polka dots, I couldn't resist.

    Alli, I'm still contemplating...too cute to pass up

    Lena, my problem too, hence the need for these weekly blinks.

    Kimia, This is what my super fashionable students look like. Crazy.

    Jes, thank you so much! that made my day :)

    Liz, indeed! Glad you enjoyed.


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