11 March 2011

Blinks + Weekend Jaunting

It's that time again...enjoy this week's blinks:

I am really enjoying the new-to-me blog Le Portillon, penned by Madelene, a young Swedish woman living in Paris

First item on my summer essentials list? The Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Williams-Sonoma. (discovered on A Piece of Toast)

 The perfect wedding tablescape? I think so. (spotted on Snippet & Ink)

Have you been following along with Abbey's "20 in 20" project? 20 handmade projects in 20 days. I am especially fond of these geometric blocks

A recipe for frozen banana bites. You're welcome

 ...Because it wouldn't be blinks without beautiful flowers (by Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! blog)

Love these shots from the Goat Milk Lookbook (via All the Mountains)

 Obsessing over Yolanda Sanchez's stunning work (spotted on Black Eiffel)

A good reminder from mnmlist

These vintage Russian matchbooks are super cool. I'm currently picturing them blown up and adorning the walls of my future child's bedroom. (spotted on The House That Lars Built)

Feeling jovial today. This week zoomed by in what felt like a blink of an eye, but, it was good to me. And now it's the weekend, so no complaints. Tiho and I are packing up and shipping out for a little weekend jaunt to the coastal town of Westport, CT with my mom and sister. My mama is the type of woman who likes to plan mini trips a few times a year to reclaim and sustain inner peace. I love her for it and can't wait to do just that.

Have a superb weekend, my friends. 'Til Monday...high five!


  1. I love this weeks blinks! I've already opened 'Le Portillon' in a new tab to check out and I'm really glad you posted the mnmlist reminder... I haven't been on that site in quite some time.

    Have a great weekend with your mom and sister!!

  2. I love, love, love a little mini trip - enjoy it!

    Also a fan of Chelsea's flowers and heading over to check out Le Portillon right now! xo

  3. Those ice pops look too good and pretty... And yes, in my dream world, that would be my wedding place setting.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I love your Friday Blinks. So much so that I'm sitting here perusing each one when I should be getting dressed for work!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I love a mini-getaway.

    High five right back at ya!

  5. wow, so many great things! ...well, except for the banana bites. i actually don't like bananas,... unless they come in the form of a fun blog. ;)

    have a fabulous weekend my dear!

  6. Ice pops and banana bites-you know just what I'm in the mood for. Only a little embarrassed that it's still morning.

    Have a wonderful getaway-can't wait to see your wrap up Monday morning!

    xo, Lena

  7. Oh! I have a Zoku, best thing EVER.
    Seriously, treat yourself to one, and then stick it in the fridge. In the mood for a popsicle? Take it out, put in juice, wait ten minutes, TADA!

  8. You just changed my life with that frozen bannana thingy...holy crap.

  9. I'm in my husband's office and he saw the popsicles as I was scrolling down..loved it! I'm dreaming of summer all of a sudden and almost wanting to skip spring.. (just almost, I really really can't :)

    Love the painting, the flowers, and the kids.. will check out Le Portillon.. and the mnmlist is OH-SO-TRUE..

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Kayla, I'm back, but only to say that Le Portillon is AMAZING! I can't believe how good her photographs are. So simple too.

    Great taste on your part! Thank you!

  11. Your weekend getaway sounds perfect and refreshing. Enjoy!

  12. your weekend sounds lovely, my goal this year is to have lots of little getaways. hope it was great!

  13. i debated putting one of the zoku makers on my wedding registry, but it seemed too indulgent. now i'm regretting it!


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