25 March 2011

Getting Dressed & Getting Out (+ Blinks)

Voila! Presenting this week's blinks (blog links): i.e. several things I saw and admired recently:

Glad to have discovered the gorgeous artwork of Mara Caffarone via Design*Sponge. Prints available here.

I smiled when I saw these pretty poppies (by A Creative Mint for Decor8)

I can't stop staring at this gorgeous model from the Darling spring/summer lookbook. Isn't she mesmerizing?

Admiring this simple but lovely (Swedish) living room spotted on Freshome

I have more pocket notebooks than I know what to do with, but all proceeds from this set of three from Scout books will be donated to the relief efforts in Japan.

 We have two Ikea RAST dressers in our guestroom and after reading this post on Armelle, I am inspired to (finally) do a similar makeover.
Love this punchy citrus print, brand new from Rifle Paper Co.

Every woman I know has the hots for Joseph Gordon-Levitt...myself included. Tiho and I saw 500 Days of Summer on our first date, which seems kind of ironic now that I think about it (image by Esquire via The Neo-Tradionalist)

 I always look forward to Caitlin McGauley's "Watercolor Wednesday" posts on the Lonny blog.  This week's orchids were especially cheerful.

 I'm thinking I might need to treat myself to this e.e.cummings letterpress print from Satsuma Press, as seen on Not Your Average Ordinary. He's my very favorite poet and this poem in particular holds a special personal significance.

After seeing this $40 Tucker for Target dress on What I Wore, I am so tempted to scoop one up for myself. The vibrant spring colors are calling my name. (Kind of loudly, actually. My ears hurt).

 A recipe for strawberry honey butter? That sound you hear is my taste buds tap-dancing. (discovered via Laken's pinterest)

I'm feeling very excited for all of you because it's the weekend. Due to spring break, this whole week felt like the weekend for me, so while I certainly welcome it, I'm not sure I'll do much beyond lounge and eat. Actually, scratch that. I think I'll get dressed: I'll wear a pretty outfit and don my favorite crimson lipstick. I'm meeting my mom for lunch in the city today, and plan to wander with my camera for awhile afterward. I love my city when I have nowhere to be. 

Enjoy the next couple of days, my loves. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful conversation this week.


  1. Strawberry honey butter? No wonder your taste buds are tap dancing!

    Your blinks are my favourite way to pass some time on a Friday morning, especially when I've got a hot cup of tea. Aaaah...

    Have a fun lunch in the city. Looking forward to seeing a few of those photos!

  2. I really like your "binks"! The orchids remind me of the orchid post I just did. : ) And those poppies.. wow, beautiful!

  3. that tucker dress didn't look so appetizing at the store, but it's super cute with the brown leather belt - i may have to reconsider...have a lovely weekend!

  4. oh man that model is mesmerizing. that hair! and that lip color! ahh!

  5. I love the different inspiriation you pull in for this post! Yes that model is mesmerizing and pulls off Red Hair flawlessly. Great blog!

    Love from SF,



  6. Lovely post - glad I stumbled upon your blog. Yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JoGoLe?) is something - and I've seen and admired that Tucker for Target dress as well!

    happy weekend :)

  7. Enjoy your wondering! looking forward to seeing the snaps in scenes from the weekend ;) x

  8. The poppies, the freckles, the dresser, the citrus, the butter-I'm in heaven with these links!

    Also, I love that that particular e.e. cummings poem means so much to you; it's a big one for me, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend, darling!


  9. Buy that print! It'd be a beautiful addition to your home. Especially if it has special meaning. And I do think the model for Darling is gorgeous. She makes me wish I had a real lipstick.
    Happy Weekend, my darling!

  10. That strawberry butter is genius! Thanks for sharing. I like your blog too. I can't wait to read more =)

    - Sarah

  11. thanks for sharing the e.e. cummings letterpress print.

    that poem also holds special meaning for me too, which i suppose is why cummings was such a great poet -- the fact that his poetry can touch so many hearts and lives

    i really want to order it and frame it on my wall. maybe i'll get it as a birthday present to myself :]

  12. oh man if only I was born a redhead! I think I could rock that lip color though... I also treasure anything made by Rifle Paper Co. Great picks!

  13. Great links! And how rad is that strawberry honey butter? Mhh! xo

  14. Strawberry honey butter? Of course! I'm such a tunnel-vision eater. I've been spreading honey butter on everything for years.. never thought about "expanding"..

    Great black and white photograph of that guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun. You surprised me as I read on. That's the BEST photo of him.. hot!


  15. Ah, such great finds! Joseph is divine (hilarious that that was your first date!). I so want to do that with the Ikea RAST dressers too!

  16. That strawberry honey butter looks amazing! Hope you had a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  17. Good to know I'm not the only one with a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt---what a sweetheart!
    (I also loved that shot of the poppies.)

  18. I hope you had a great weekend! Lucky you for spring break :) As always, I love your blinks and hope you enjoyed cruising around the city with your camera. Walking around with nowhere to go with my camera in hand is my FAVORITE.

  19. thanks for your comments and insight, everyone! I am glad you enjoyed this week's blinks. Also, welcome to any new followers/first time commentators: there seem to be quite a few of you this weekend. I love having you!

  20. I, too, cannot stop looking at the Darling model. Her red hairs is mesmerizing. And I LOVE that Swedish room.


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