15 March 2011

Scenes From The Weekend, Part 2

(a true exercise in self-restraint: walking into Kate Spade & walking out with only this)

 (our accommodations: The Inn at Longshore; Westport, CT)

(sidestepping goose poop in order to snap a few photos)

 (my sis, kicking it on the couch, memorizing lines for her upcoming leading role)

(pretty sky) 

 (outdoor snacking...both him and me)

 (storefronts in the village of Westport)

 (nighttime tea at the inn)

If yesterday's scenes gave any indication, I'm feeling significant contentment after a little weekend get-a-way. Mostly, we spent time outdoors, accompanied by geese, swans and deer. We chose to forgo dinner out in favor of purchasing an assortment of goodies (bread, cheese, soups, fruit, chocolate, etc.) and having an indoor picnic on the floor of our room. Big fans of casual consumption over here, especially when coupled with comfy sweats.

Between gabbing, lounging, eating and movie-watching, sleep didn't happen until nearly 2:00am. Despite "springing forward," we received a decent night's rest and woke up eager for brunch, which we promptly devoured at Dressing Room: Homegrown (a can't-miss stop if you ever find yourself in Westport).

We drove back home with my sister in tow: She's on spring break and staying with us for the week. After a lovely weekend, her presence feels like a particularly special treat!

P.S. This week is nutty and I'm thinking about taking another small internet break for the next couple of days. I want to both enjoy my sister while she's here and devote my undivided attention to necessary priorities. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Have a wonderful week with your sister!

  2. More fabulous photos. What a dreamy weekend away!

    Enjoy your time with your sister! We'll look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

    Have a wonderful week, Kayla!

  3. wow, that really looks like such an amazing get-away!! i'm so happy you got to go. have a lovely time with your sis and good luck with your to-do lists!

  4. Go, go, go and enjoy time with your sis! Have a wonderful few days, friend. x

  5. have a great time this week with your sister. your recaps have me longing for a little getaway asap!

  6. What a gorgeous inn, and such a stunning weekend! Enjoy your sister's visit, darling!

    xo, Lena

  7. I totally understand the small internet break. I've had mine also and am all the better for it. I hope you're continuing to enjoy your time with your sis.. coincidentally, my next post will be about mine as well.

    I'm getting back in the groove of things and I absolutely love the images you posted.. Little details to capture your weekend away tell a good story all on their own.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  8. yay for weekend getaways and sibling time :) i seriously love spending time with my brother more than anything else in the world. it always feels like such a treat now that we don't live in the same place anymore. loved the geese btw :)

  9. This looks so fun and relaxing! Glad you are enjoying life and taking an internet break. Your sister seems about as cool as you are! What kind of actress is she? xo

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