22 April 2011

Earth Day, Road Trip, Blinks, Etc.

Let's get this party started with a few blinks (blog links):

 These gorgeous world map archival prints are just $22 a pop.

The Bicycle is Art  = my new obsession. Check it out.

Wishing I could get my hands on one of these market grown totes, created by student(!) designers, Melissa Clinard and Catalina Rozo, as seen on Design Work Life

 Loving this vignette from Emily Henderson's 'Secrets From a Stylist' (do you watch?)

Why yes, Anne, I agree completely. (via Escapade)

 I've been tempted to put a bird feeder near my bedroom window to encourage more winged visitors. Liking the design of this one, as seen on Tea For Joy

This print by Sarah Illenberger is called "Meloncholie." Get it? So clever. (via Short Story Design)

We are headed to Ithaca for a couple of days to see my sister perform in Baby (the musical), and I am packing my bathing suit because our hotel has a jacuzzi. Awesome sauce. 

Happy Earth Day, happy Easter, happy Passover...wishing you a bundle of love, light and good old-fashioned razzamatazz.


  1. Love all of it, especially the quote from Anne of Green Gables. I adore Anne. And those world map prints are wonderful. Love the colours!

    Before you leave on your little roadtrip {fun,by the way} have you got a second to pop over to my blog?

  2. Happy lots of happiness and wonderful weekend things!! The map prints and tote bags and art work -- it's all incredible. This post is just bursting with inspiration!

  3. oh anne, so true! and i love all of the beautiful art here. also, the fact that you said "awesome sauce." :)

    have the best weekend ever!

  4. Erin, you just MADE my whole weekend! Sending you an email now, sweet lady.

  5. LOVE emily on Secrets of a Stylist. I think I love more that she shares on her blog where she buys everything. tremendously valuable directory. Happy weekend!

  6. Do you know why I love your blog? Because every image is better than the last, and I keep saying to myself, "That's so me...and so is that! I loooove it!"

    Enjoy the weekend, and toi toi to your sis!


  7. looove those amazing tote bags - so perfect to bring along to the farmers market. have a wonderful jacuzzi-filled weekend!

  8. These are all so amazing! I actually saw those maps the other day and, unfortunately, the place I saw them didn't have a link and then here you've posted them! : ) Love the bike, those bags, Anne of Green Gable (ooh.. you posting that quotes makes me want to read the whole series all over again!), ah.. really, great post! Happy Earth Day & Easter to you, too, Kayla!

  9. I was watching random HGTV and saw this show for the first time. Loved what she did to this couple's giant loft space. She gave them options, which I really liked. Girl knows her stuff!

  10. MELONCHOLIE!!! omg. obsesssssed with that print!

  11. lovely selection of blinks - especially love the bird-feeder - very nifty!


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