11 April 2011

Scenes From The Weekend (iPhone Edition)

 (the sunrise that took my breath away while waiting for the train)

 (stone pig outside of a local shop. I saunter by him every day and felt he deserved a photo op)

 (the scent of hyacinths is intoxicating)

 (trying to be mindful about healthy snacking)


Still feeling a little helter-skelter over here. Things are easing up: I'm mostly trying to find my footing with the end-of-term work load. Suffice it to say, photo-taking hasn't exactly found a place at the top of my priorities list.

The weekend was full. I took a big state teaching exam Saturday morning (the final series of four, spread out over the past three years). I would say the highlight of the whole weekend was meeting up with my blog/twitter friend, Cailin, who was visiting NYC with her hubby: we grabbed coffee and chatted in central park. I also saw the new Clive Owen film Trust (whoa!) and bought a few goodies from the bookstore, which I proceeded to leave behind under my chair in Starbucks (total bummer). Come Saturday night, I passed out on the couch before 10:00pm. Sunday = work work work.

I have some exciting job-related news to share. It's part of the reason I've been so busy lately. When I find my wits, I'll update you more thoroughly, I promise.

For now, have a wonderful start to your week. It's supposed to reach the mid 70's here, which is enough to really send my spirits soaring. Can't wait to play on the roof with my kiddos wearing nothing but jeans and a tee.

P.S. I've been receiving several curious email inquiries lately. I updated my Q&A page if you'd like to take a peek.


  1. My mum bought me some hyacinths when she came to visit on Saturday! So lovely! P.S. Can't wait to hear your job-related news. I know it will be BRILL!

  2. So glad you & Cailin had a great time...wish I could have been there. Excited to hear your job news! ;)

  3. I really like the apple picture and sunset picture. I've totally been having fun taking photos with my iPhone too since I've downloaded a couple apps so improve the photos I take. Thanks for sharing!

    - Sarah

  4. That adorable pig would brighten my day also! Can't wait to hear the news!!!

  5. It was so great finally meeting you!! Let's keep in touch and best of luck with the new news!

  6. That stone pig is super cute.

    And I love the sunrise. Am a sucker for lamp posts...

  7. That sunrise is amazing-just the thing to motivate you on your exams! Can't wait to hear the big news, once you've caught your breath!

    xo, Lena

  8. all i could think was "oh no, she was up so early she saw the sunrise at the train station!" and then i saw that you had to take a state teaching exam {which i have taken for TN} and i thought "UUUGGGHHH! and on a saturday no less!" but really, it's so exciting that those tests are OVER, right?! congratulations!! i hope your week is simply the best.

  9. that apple photo is perfect! i almost want to print it and hang it in my kitchen.

  10. I'm always surprised by cell phone photos (okay.. maybe that's just because people don't bother to post the bad ones), but still! I like your photos and how you document your weekend through them. That big is so cute! I'm excited to read this new! Off to check out your FAQ page!

  11. Congrats on the job news! (Assuming it's good:) I have potted hyacinths on my desk right now – my favorite scent in the world, intoxicating indeed. xx, Jane

  12. Congrats on taking the last in your state exams! That's a really big step -- you must be so excited to be moving forward. And whatever this work-related news is, I hope it's wonderful.

  13. Love the iPhone edition. (Sometimes we don't have the time!!) Also love the word saunter. And hyacinths. And that you had a blogger meet-up in Central Park!! I long for one of those!

    Excited to hear your news and sending relaxing vibes your way : ) xo


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