18 April 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

 (blossoms + blue sky)

 (decadence in a jar)

 (book browsing in the basement of The Strand)

 (canary-yellow tulips in a blue pitcher)

 (unable to resist that scruffy face)

 (raindrops behind the stained-glass bathroom window)

 (from my pockets, Friday afternoon, 2:30pm)

 (pineapple-scented candle)

 (nostalgic reading)

(re-purposing a tea tin)

I feel quieter than usual today. Can't quite place my finger on the reason, but I think it has something to do with the range of emotions experienced over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday presented as polar opposites through both the weather and my emotional tenure: chilly, rainy and moody juxtaposed with warm, bright and cheery. It's funny how my perception of things often mirrors mother nature. I've long-since realized how much my mind consistently aligns with the earth. Maybe that sounds hokey, but I believe it.

Good stuff worth sharing: new beautiful art books; an early bedtime that led to waking with the sun (sans alarm!) and burrowing under the covers to read while Tiho slept; thoughtful preparation of homemade meals; gourmet hot chocolate heated on the stove during a rainstorm; yellow tulips and pink alstroemeria; pausing to admire the canopy of blossoms on every street corner;  jam-tasting and flower-sniffing at the Union Square green market; Sunday morning walk into town for coffee; freshly laundered sheets; barefoot tap dancing in the kitchen; and wishing I could make time stand still while simultaneously allowing myself to surrender to the experience as it passes on by...

Hope your Monday is an inspiring one.


  1. Where can you get that chocolate spread? It looks yummy and I'm an addict for that kind of stuff =)

    - Sarah

  2. I keep being amazed how radiant and inspiring your posts (and you) are! I love genuine and positive people who do stop every day to look and appreciate the little things in life and really, there are so few like them around!

  3. I found myself slumping into a little 'down' moment on Sunday evening, after what was quite a cheery weekend. Funny how that just happens sometimes. Anyhow, your snaps are lovely as per usual. Let's hope we're both back to bubbly and happy soon, hey!

  4. This is a lovely recap of your weekend. Whereas mine is just photos, yours really evokes the feelings you experienced with the passing days.

    I love those yellow tulips in their blue jug. Gorgeous!

  5. I too would love that chocolate spread - Where did you get it?

  6. Your weekends always sound so nice! That Noir sounds yummy! I'll have to track it down somewhere over here.. should be easier in Europe, right? And I love your use of the tea tin. : )

  7. For those who asked, I bought the NOIR chocolate spread at Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan. The have shops in several countries all over the world, so hopefully you can find one too! Here's the link:


  8. I would love to borrow some of your quietness (and that jar of Noir). I keep looking for my own every weekend, but it's so elusive. I'm trying again this week. All I want is one quiet day to myself. Just one.

  9. What a beautiful weekend-and oddly enough, I had an equally...odd weekend. High and low, but the whole thing was a good experience, and I just wish it would have slowed a bit more!

  10. Wow, thank you for the link, Kayla - they have it in Switzerland!! Unfortunately, the site is only in German & French, but now I at least know that my searching in stores won't be in vain, ha!

  11. Sounds so lovely. I have been wanting to get the book Let's Bring Back!


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