25 April 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

(cloudy sunset in Ithaca)

 (fake brick floor + boots)

 (pretty sister)


 (happiness-inducing chewing gum)


That face accurately exemplifies how I'm feeling today. The weekend was absolutely lovely, and Emma's performance, phenomenal (as usual), but the impending week sorta scares me due to the thesis monster raring his ugly fangs and my body deciding now is a good time to get sick.

Before I allow deadlines to claim my life for the next seven days, let me recap the sweet stuff:

1). Goosebumps all over while watching my sister deliver a flawless leading performance;
2). Driving through a torrential rainstorm with reggae blasting from the speakers;
3). Midnight hot-tubbing in the hotel;
4). Pre-show dinner & drinks at the infamous Moosewood Restaurant;
5). Adorable local shops offering coffee & animal cracker samples to customers;
6). Sublime $4 brunch at a dive diner

All in all, a beautiful weekend that ended much too quickly.

I'm taking the next few days off from blogging in order to attend to necessary obligations, although I'd love if you checked back in on Friday for the reveal of a fun little side project I've been working on... 

Cross your fingers for a productive week.


  1. Hooray for lovely, leisurely weekends! If only they lasted longer...

    Good luck with the thesis. I'm working on your parcel and hope to have it sent on Wednesday! Yay! I'm so glad you won :)

  2. I'll miss you this week, but I can't wait to hear your big news (and of course, for you to kick some serious thesis ass)! Looks like a perfect weekend!

    xoxo, Lena

  3. congrats to your sister!! how exciting. and the rest of your weekend looks lovely as well. i used to have a moosewood cookbook!

    okay, good luck to you this week! you can do it! ra! ra! ra!!!

  4. Don't you just hate when wonderful weekends end way too fast?

    P.S. I'm having a fun accessories swap on my blog, I'd love for you to join in!

  5. Congrats to your sister! How fun to watch her perform. Btw, I love your glasses! I hope you have a very productive and focused week! xo

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! You must have been so proud of your sister :)
    I'll definitely be checking back on Friday, can't wait to hear about your side project!

  7. you and your sister look so lovely! (even with you making that face ;])

    hope you get a lot of work done, and am so excited to see your side project on friday!

  8. Enjoy your days off and good luck getting things done!

  9. Everything about this post is awesome - so pleased you had a great time watching your sister in her play. Love your striped jumper and glasses combo.

    P.S. I have a cold, too. Booo. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your work!

  10. What? No photos of the $4 brunch??!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. So glad!

  11. fingers crossed. :) your sis is adorable. and that striped sweater youre wearing is freaking AMAZING. here's to the final stretch!

  12. Good luck with your productivity - looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

  13. Good luck this week and try to find some time to relax! I'm definitely looking forward to what you're going to tell us Friday!

  14. sounds like a wonderful weekend! good luck this week. cant wait too see what you've been working on, on friday!


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