20 May 2011

Graduation + A Few Blinks

Hooray for this beautiful image (Oh May, Oh My!) by Majlee, via A Diary of Little Things & Curiosities 

Because witnessing two alpacas kissing should happen every week, right? (photo by Joseph Rescinito, via Besotted blog)

Excited to visit the Chance Co. temporary pop up shop in Soho (211 Elizabeth Street, NYC, Thurs-Sun, 12-7pm for the months of May & June)

Wishing I was in the market for a new bag, because the Guadeloupe Flower Tote is adorable. (discovered on Eat Drink Chic)

Fifty creative questions to create the life you really want. Worth a read.

In love with the newest Shana Murray wall decal (and the words contained within)

 What your American Girl Doll says about the rest of your life. A hoot, and quite accurate (at least for me)

Summer on a string! ($48, by Andrea Jenkins)

So glad to have recently discovered Mint Peach, a lovely and inspiring blog about modern simple living. (How amazing is that art above the bed?)

  Saveur posted an article all about strawberry recipes. I'm in heaven over here.

Happy Weekend, lovely ones! Thank you for taking the time to read my banana this week: I love having you.We are off to Ithaca for the graduation festivities of my darling sister. I am very excited to celebrate her awesomeness.

Until next time, a joyous weekend to you.


  1. Your blinks give me much to ponder & discover, as usual! Merci bien! xo

  2. Happy weekend right back atchya, Kayla!! I looove the alpaca kiss photo! :) I'm off to read the 50 creative questions. And.. is that strawberry PIZZA?! Whhaaat? Haha!

  3. The American Girl dolls link is hilarious! I was too much of a tomboy to ever get one, but if I had to pick, it would have been Samantha :-) Have a great weekend!

  4. Was already clicking away on so many of these links in my reader while your page loaded...excited to find a new blog, recipe, and other fun stuff! have a very happy weekend :)

  5. You kill me. I'm literally in HEAVEN right now.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and a big horray for graduation!


  6. Thank you for the kind words, Kayla! Your blog is super sweet, I've loved reading it! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your sister!

  7. happiest graduation to your darling sis! :)

    the alpacas made my day! <3

    thank you for having ME over here ;)


  8. Congratulations to your sis! Have fun celebrating her and her success!

    I just came back from the 50 creative q's. It was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!

  9. these are some awesome links! i love those chance co. clothes, and we couldn't afford american girl dolls, but i totally LOVED samantha & felicity books. oh those innocent years... :)

  10. What lovely links! Oddly, I didn't really grow up with dolls. I never had an American girl doll and I think I only had one Barbie. And I'm thinking it's going to be a strawberry weekend. Hope you have a great one, Kayla!

  11. Hah!! love the American Doll link!

  12. I love your blinks. I've been waiting for Shanna Murray's new collection - off to check it out. As well as that article - sounds like a must-read! Have a great weekend, Kayla! Oh, and take photos at the Chance pop up shop!!

  13. yay for kissing alpacas and graduation! have a fabulous time my dear :)

  14. I can't wait to hear how the graduation went for your sister! Hope you had a lovely time!

  15. Oh, I love that bedroom with the oversized art. My bedroom walls are so bare - maybe I should o something like that. I wonder if hubby would approve....


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