31 May 2011


I posted Scenes From the Weekend yesterday, which left Monday unrepresented. As a child, I used to make sure that all of the stuffed animals and dolls lining my bed were paired with a fellow stuffed animal to ensure that nobody "felt" lonely when I left the room. Anyone else? No? Just me? 

I suppose that's what I'm doing with this post, as Monday was part of this weekend. Please don't feel left out, Monday: you were quiet, peaceful and exactly what I needed before the start of a busy week. 

Corresponding to the photos: 1). fluffiest bouquet of peonies yet, 2). leftover trimmings, 3). lemons, 4). homemade lemonade, 5). childhood photo to share with my class, 6). pink shrub on the side of the house. 


  1. No, not just you...I felt the same about my post ;)

  2. I bought my pillow-pet bumble bee a pillow-pet ladybug friend. The difference is, I'm not a child anymore...:-)

  3. Ooooh the lemonade sounds sooo good right now. I just picked a bunch of lemons too ;)

    - Sarah

  4. Cooked a smashing Nigella Lawson dish with lemons last night. Lemon zest and juice, chilli flakes, bacon lardons, garlic oil and fresh parsley. SO good.

    Hope you are well. I am feeling a little low today and so it's been nice to hang here for five. Hugs. x

  5. You are killing me with all this beauty-holy hell are these photos gorgeous! Looks like a perfect weekend, darling.

    xox, Lena

  6. That photo of you is so adorable!! Looks like you've always been super cheerful! Also.. I always didn't like when my stuffed toys were lonely. One night I remember taking one to bed at night and feeling bad for the others so I put ALL of my stuffed toys in the bed at night... how I slept, I have no clue!

  7. Those are the prettiest scissors I've ever seen!!

  8. Glad I'm not alone in my stuffed animal sensitivity ;)

    Will, chin up. I'm so glad that my space draws a smile. Bear hug.

    Lena, it's easy when the subject is peonies!

    Caroline, I picked that photo to share because I liked all of the bows. I knew my style, even at four...

    Emily, they're floral clippers, and yes, I agree!

  9. My sister does that still! She keeps her dolls and stuffed animals together so that they can keep each other company :)

    Love these images, especially the one of your childhood photograph. You're so cute. Even your eyes are smiling!

  10. i love your photos -- homemade lemonade is so yummy... i'm actually starting to crave it right now :) yum!

  11. I'm quite sure that I did the same thing with my stuffed animals :) Very sweet how you didn't leave Monday out ;) And those peonies are gorgeous!

  12. oh, kayla, that is such an adorable childhood photo :)


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