03 May 2011

Paintings [by e.e. cummings]

Did you know e.e. cummings painted?

You can see his gallery of work here. I almost cried when I discovered it. Sometimes I cry on the train when reading his poetry. Once, an older gentleman sitting nearby, leaned in and kindly offered a tissue. I cried harder as I tried to convince him that I wasn't sad at all, which was the truth.

This is also the truth, at least for me:

"I thank you, God.
For most this amazing day.
For the leaping greenly
spirit of trees;
And the blue, true dream of sky;
And for everything
which is natural,
which is infinite,
which is yes."

-e.e.cummings (and my family's version of grace, since as far back as I can remember).


  1. I did NOT know he painted...beautiful.

  2. oh what a beautiful poem- I love that it's your family's version of grace! thanks for sharing. xo

  3. I had no idea that he painted! Wow.

    Love that poem...

  4. He painted? What an amazing talent! His poems make me cry sometimes too. I still remember the first time I discovered his poetry. It was like a light had finally come on in my head.

  5. I had no idea-these are incredible! I think I knew John was "the one" when he set a favorite e.e. cummings poem for me to sing.

  6. no, i had no idea he painted! i love his poetry. we have several books full of his poems. his paintings are just as beautiful as his words! what an amazing man...

  7. love the colors. and the femininity of the first two canvases.

  8. Ok, I'm pretty sure you just made my day, week, month & year! I'd write more about my love of e.e., but I'm too busy swooning over these beautiful paintings. Thank you!

  9. I had no idea he painted - they're quite beautiful.

  10. I had no idea! What a cute occurrence (the old gentleman on the bus!)! That is so so sweet. I love that you cry from poetry : )

  11. E.E Cummings
    NOT e.e.cummings

    the lower case spelling was a mistake done by his publisher, Harvard University Press when the did, in 1953, his



    Estlin always considered himself an artist first ... a poet second...

    'check out' "dreams in the mirror"


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