19 May 2011


The way the setting sun tells a story on a park bench; the rhythmic concerto of unrelenting rain on pavement; the tender familiarity of a sleeping lover; the inconceivable beauty in the rolling tides of the sky...

So much potential in a moment.

(all images my own)


  1. That's really lovely Kayla, beautiful words and photos.

  2. Very, very true, Kayla. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. Here's to all the potential that today holds!

  3. Your photos are lovely. And what a wonderful sentiment, that each moment holds so much potential... I'm going to try hard to remember that all day.

    Thank you!

  4. You are killing me with all this beauty. There's something about the stillness in these images that it is amazing.

    xox, Lena

  5. Your blog is such a great place of peace and calm - each day I find myself just pondering with my thoughts after I read your posts. Thank you for encouraging me (without even trying) to spend time with my thoughts.

    P.S. Those west elm sheets? (at least I think they are we?!) are divine.

  6. what a lovely post, and such a sweet reminder to pay attention to each moment.

  7. Love this post! Kayla, you have to blow up that cloud photo and frame it- it's amazing!!


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