01 May 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

 (the first peony of the season)

 (favorite statue in the park)

 (down the street)

 (creamy & delicious)

 (morning walk)

 (pillows for spring)

 (so good to me)

(pretty in pink)

 (reading, writing, crying, finishing, smiling)

It's May! Sweet, light, fresh, blissful, free, beautiful, joyous, lovely May! That's how I'm feeling at least. Happy and energized.

For nearly sixteen combined hours throughout Saturday and Sunday, I wrote. In between, I managed to eat brownies, take a walk for Sunday morning bagels and coffee, and sleep. And Tiho, (bless his heart), spent significant time in the kitchen and laundry room, producing amazing things in the form of shrimp cocktail, mushroom risotto, and neatly folded piles of clean clothing. 

Flowers kept me motivated. Whenever I felt stir-crazy, I simply ventured over to one of the seven(!) bouquets placed precariously around the house and inhaled deeply.

I feel like I just entered a glorious dream and am not entirely sure how to handle it. For now, I am planning to fill my evenings with long walks and wine bottles and ice cream cones, just because I can.


  1. After 16 hours of writing, you definitely deserve to treat yourself to some wine and ice cream. You're amazing, Kayla!! Glad you had a good -- and quite productive weekend!

  2. Of all your Scenes from the Weekend posts, this one is my favourite!

  3. How sweet your sweetie is, and I'm happy for you that you achieved your goal!

  4. Yay, does this mean you're all done with the thesis now? Congratulations!!! I remember that feeling well, I hardly knew what to do with myself and all that new found free time and lightness. I hope you enjoy every minute!!

  5. love all the flowers! congrats on the completion of your thesis!

  6. Looks like you had a very lovely weekend. Loved the flowers =)

    - Sarah

  7. Congratulations on completing the thesis finally, hun! What an amazing achievement - well done. I love the flowers you've shared with us (and love the (new?) header, too!) xx

  8. i love your evening plans. sounds like the perfect summery things!

  9. Those flowers are gorgeous-no wonder they kept you from losing it! So glad May is here and that you're feeling lighter than air! Enjoy it, love!

  10. wow, 16 hours?! evenings of wine and ice cream cones sound like the perfect reward after all your hard work!

  11. Love the flowers, and seven bouquets, lovely! :) With the start of warmer weather here, we've started our evening walks and there just happens to be a great ice cream shop not too far from home too :)
    Enjoy your evenings and writing!
    Natasha xo

  12. That peony is gorgeous eye-candy! And 16 hours of writing.. smokes! Awesome, awesome Kayla! :)

  13. I was recently told peonies aren't in season yet, so you're giving me hope! Seven bouquets! That's brilliant! Glad you got so much done! I bet it feels good.

  14. tiho is a good good man. :) im not sure kenny knows how to work the washing machine, lol. and YAY FOR MAY AND PEONIES!

  15. Those peonies are all so gorgeous!


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