09 May 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

(quiche, coffee & mimosas in Brooklyn)

 (hot pink Gerber daisies)

 (color spectrum: veggie edition)

 (Derby ready)

 (two good things: beer & blossoms)

 (I have crafty friends)

(spring dresses)

(a friendly visitor) 
It was a pink weekend, which is a very good thing. There was: a post-work pedicure and (minimal) retail therapy, a day jaunt to Brooklyn for homemade brunch with Emily & Alex, a Kentucky Derby party on the Upper West Side (big hats and crab cakes and mint juleps, oh my!), sunshine and blue skies, a late morning run, a cleaning rampage resulting in a sparkling house, and an afternoon void of commitment and filled with bird-watching from the kitchen window. 

So far, the month of May has been good to me. The next several weekends are slowly but surely filling up with plans for an assortment of gatherings, and I couldn't be happier about it. Tiho and I both woke up grinning, which says a lot about the influential nature of good beer on Saturday night and forgiving sunlight on Sunday morning. I'm all about celebratory indulgences, especially after a long and onerous winter. Spring is here in full-force, and you know what? So am I.


  1. I love that affirmation! :)

  2. A fabulous post full of pink! I love your hat, and the gerbera daisies. And that last line? Perfect.

    Happy Monday, Kayla!

  3. glad you had a great weekend!

  4. I love the last sentence, but when are you not here in full-force?! A few other loves of mine here: your cups and.. are you drinking orange juice from champagne glasses? So cool! All the color in this post, your being able to capture that robin - I tried quite a few times to catch a shot of a yellow bird on a walk yesterday. And, of course, your beautiful and always cheerful face! And your outfits...and I'm going to stop before I reach some sort of limit, ha!

  5. Oh what a gorgeous weekend you had! Love the derby inspired hat, by the way, the flowers, and the words..

  6. I'm practically swooning at this gorgeous weekend! Horray for spring, and for a May that treats you beautifully!

  7. your kentucky derby party sounds darling! and looks like a oh so lovely weekend xo

  8. i love that hat and lipstick on you and yes! stella beer? it's secretly the reason our pup is named stella.. because i've always loved the name and we had shared a bottle or two when we decided to adopt our furry baby :)

  9. Eva, you crack me up! We were drinking Mimosas (orange juice + champagne). And thar awesome blue glass belongs to my friend Emily...one of the most stylish ladies I know!

    Micaela, Stella Artois is our very favorite beer!

    Everyone, as always, thank you for the sweet words.

  10. that sounds like the greatest weekend! and a derby party is such a fun idea. i love any idea to get dressed up in some sort of theme!

  11. Your weekend sounds perfect! Love your photos and all
    that color. PS: your adorable in that hat!

  12. love these! now i'm craving a quiche for dinner hah.

  13. And here I thought mimosas were the food you were eating! Wow.. I feel smart, ha!

  14. Yay spring! That derby party sounds like such a sweet idea! Here's to a great May for you Kayla!


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