16 May 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

 (waiting for brunch)

 (fire escapes & white sky)

 (subway art, 1 train at 34th street & 8th avenue)

 (lemon yellow)

 (a beloved book, newly signed by the author)

 (brunch locale, Greenwich village)


 (flower bottles on the windowsill)

(more west village)

Sometimes I feel like flowers are all I share with you. But, I'm totally okay with that. They make me happy and I can't ask for much more than that, right?

Speaking of happiness, this weekend was really special for me: I attended an intimate discussion and book signing at an Anthropologie store in the city with Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. I read the book about a year and a half ago and was significantly influenced by it. I continue to follow her blog and encourage you to read her book if you aren't yet acquainted. Needless to say, meeting her was awesome and uplifting. I also met and mingled with several other women at the event, with whom I exchanged email addresses. It's always neat to unexpectedly make new friends.

On Sunday, Tiho and I ventured down to the west village to catch up with some friends and enjoy an early afternoon brunch. After eating and drinking too much, we came home and went for a run in the rain, where we encountered three(!) friendly bunnies and a bunch of squawking ducks. I wish the weekend didn't have to end, but it was lovely and fulfilling, so I can't complain. How was yours?

P.S. I updated my Wisdom page (favorite quotes) and thought you might like to see.


  1. don't you just love nyc? I love reading and looking at nyc pictures because it reminds me not to take it for granted. We have a lil of everything in this little city of ours.

  2. I can never get tired of flowers so of course I love these. I know this is weird but the door on the first photograph really stood out to me. The greys and grain are a great backdrop.. And you look so cute in your wellies!

    This book sounds pretty cool..wonder if they have it in the library..in the meantime, I'm off to check her blog and your wisdom page :)

  3. I am still reading The Happiness Project and am loving it so far...I've had quite a few a-ha moments already! How special that you met her, looks like a lovely weekend.

  4. I post a million photos of flowers, too (see today's post to prove it!)... They always make me happy, even on the greyest of days.

    That is so cool that you got to meet Gretchen Rubin! I am half-way through The Happiness Project, and I love it.

  5. I really liked the subway art. And that door archway you were standing under was very cool too. How fun =)

    - Sarah

  6. great pictures! looks like a lovely weekend!

  7. i'm totally intrigued by this book - looking forward to reading it. what a great bunny and flower-filled weekend!

  8. I can't decide what I like best... the fire escapes (so NYC, non?), all the lovely floral touches at your home... or your gumboots! I'll have to get back to you on that, ok? :)

  9. What a gorgeous weekend, darling, and such a gorgeous you! I'm delighted you enjoyed yourself!

    After celebrating a friend's upcoming wedding and a recital or two, John and I enjoyed an incredibly lazy Sunday-it was perfect!

  10. You look so so lovely in front of that door!!!!

  11. I definitely need to read this book asap! I actually like Anthropologie even more now that you've said they had a book signing there.. and such an amazing one at that! I love your weekend photos so much... a billion flowers and all! ;) Also, that door is huge! Hah! I didn't even think anything of it until my second look.

  12. The photos are something else, Kayla. I'm seriously loving them all. And you look so cute in your wellies! You got to meet Gretchen too? Seriously, could a weekend get any better? And mine was lovely, though I didn't get nearly enough work done. Time to get back to that!

  13. Everyone, please please please read the book if you haven't already. I feel like I know you and wouldn't recommend something if I didn't truly think it was worth your time. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, as always!

  14. I swear there is no better flower than the peony. so pretty! Have you read Bossypants? You should if you need a good laugh :)

  15. I felt like the I didn't want the weekend to end either. Love that you saw bunnies whilst out on your run, and your West Village snaps have my NYC longings running on high.

    Off to investigate this book!

  16. Love these photos Kayla! So glad you got the book signed, that's awesome. Keep sharing your pretty flowers! xoxo

  17. Sounds like a perfect weekend and i'm definitely going to check out your book recommendation. Love the surprise run-in with bunnies and duckies, how special :)


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