30 May 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

(the $15 shoes I will live in for the next three months)

(new favorite mug. much bigger than it looks)

(picnicking in Central Park)

(one of two evening jaunts to the ice cream shoppe)

(beautiful window in Riverside Church, where my graduation ceremony was held)

(window boxes in the center of town)

(quintessential summer snacking)

There was a lot packed into this long Memorial Day weekend. As I mentioned last week, I am now the official recipient of a duel master's degree! I am so happy to be done with graduate school; just a twinge of nostalgia lingers as I bid adieu to three incredibly formative years. 

Friday and Saturday truly exemplified summer's induction. The temperatures shot up to the high eighties, and we were stoked to spend some quality down time at Elizabeth & Grant's apartment on the Upper West Side (Elizabeth is my former roommate and dear friend). Lots of goodness ensued, including yummy food and drink at a local beer garden, a Saturday morning bike ride around the entirety of Central Park, and an afternoon picnic complete with boxed wine and watermelon. Tiho and I dragged ourselves home in the evening and after installing the air conditioners, sought ice cream for dinner, and promptly fell fast asleep.

On Sunday, we scoured the entire house with cleaning products and the vacuum cleaner, now that the bee situation is finally under control. Three hives were found in the pipes upstairs, so pest control did their best to remove the bees without harm, as several varieties are actually endangered. I'm just glad to be able to walk barefoot again! After a day of cleaning, we walked to the ice cream parlor for the second time and saw Bridesmaids at the local cinema (laugh out loud hilarity).

Today, I am enjoying a bonus day off with plenty of relaxation before the final two weeks of the school year commence tomorrow. I feel like everything is happening so fast, including the change of season. Didn't spring feel like it just made its appearance yesterday?  


  1. those shoes are so so cute- where'd you get them?

  2. I think it's warmer there than it is here right now! Lucky! That stained glass window is stunning, and you just reminded me I need to get outside to work today. It's sunny and beautiful -- I should be taking advantage of it.

  3. Hi Susanna! I bought them at H&M this past Friday. I think they are new stock, so hopefully you can find them in your local store.

  4. Love your photos! Cute shoes, such a sweet mug, and mmm ice cream in Central Park! Congrats again on graduation! Glad the bee situation is close to resolved...since when are bees endangered?! Haha. Wishing you a wonderful day, Kayla! xo

  5. Beautiful photos! I especially love the cherries. It was so great to see you! Glad the bees are under control :)

  6. That photo of the cherries is so fantastic. It just screams summer!

    Ice cream, picnics, movies... it all sounds wonderful.

  7. Thanks! Super cute. Love them.

  8. Nice shoes! They look super comfy, too! Also.. I am SO pleased that the bees were removed without harm (I was a bit worried before)! Congrats a gazillion on your degree! :D

  9. Those shoes! That mug! Those flowers! Definitely gets one in the spirit of summer. Glad you had a good weekend.

    - Sarah

  10. Cute shoes! I've only spent a day at Central Park many years ago and I loved it. It's awesome that you can picnic there all summer long. So lucky!

    That cherry picture made me smile. I ate an entire bowl yesterday and am working on another bowl tonight. Watermelon and cherries are the best!

  11. Picnicking in Central Park - may I join you next time please? I promise to bring something tasty and perhaps some bubbles, too!

  12. Congrats on the master's, and the bee removal! :) A three day weekend is the BEST way to celebrate.

    PS. Bridesmaids was hilarious!


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