28 June 2011

The Colors Of Summer (+ Something For You!)

"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." -Henry James

I've been painting again. It started at school last week with a small piece of card stock and six paper cups filled with tempura paint. I haven't been able to stop since.  I try to explore color in the same way children do. They paint freely and imperfectly. They imagine and create. The colors I most often find myself attracted to remind me of the most pigmented shades present on a summer afternoon.

I've been thinking about all of you a lot. I hope you know how much you fill my heart with gladness simply by visiting and adding to the conversation.  And so, I thought it might be fun to give something back to you; a little token of appreciation for your readership, comments, humor, and affection. You all inspire me.

I  want to give one of these paintings away to one of you. I haven't decided which yet, and think I'm going to wait until a winner is selected to choose one. If shipping costs aren't too prohibitive, I'd like to matte and frame it for you as well. I won't be drawing a winner until after my return from Europe in mid-July. But, to make the wait even more delicious, I'll pick up a little surprise something in either Paris, Prague or Bulgaria and include that in the package, too.

With love, light and a million thanks for reading, I hope you'll leave a comment to enter yourself in my humble give-a-way. It is but a small token of gratitude. You are all the best.

P.S. I'll ship anywhere in the world. All of my readers are welcomed (and encouraged) to leave a comment. Triple kisses and quadruple hugs to you.

**Update: The randomly selected winner is Alli! Congrats, and thanks to all who entered.


  1. I love all pictures, but I would choose if I win the first one, because it would be fit to my other similar pictures. :)

    I read your blog for a long time, but never commented, but I love it so much: you are very inspiring person. ;]

  2. What a fabulous, personalized giveaway, Kayla! I would love to have one of your paintings on my new office wall... So yes, please, do enter me in your draw :)

    You must be so excited for your trip. I'm excited for you!

  3. You're amazing, Kayla, and these images radiate joy and love. I'm beyond happy I stumbled on your blog a few months ago. I love that you've started painting and that you "explore color in the same way children do". Your post has made me want to bust out my paintbrushes (wherever they may be.. who knows with all these boxes) and paint.

  4. What a thoughtful giveaway Kayla! Makes me want to paint! :)

  5. What a sweet idea! I shouldn't be winning it cause I'm quite new to your blog but someone's room will brighten up with all that color! I'm only as good as not looking hideous in colors and admire those who can combine them effortlessly!

    Have a great vacation and greeting to my dear Bulgaria from here!

  6. these are beautiful! interesting how working with kids has shaped the way you approach other things in life - I like your thought process behind painting. okay, anyway, I'd also LOVE to win! : )

  7. Oh darling, you are just too sweet, and your work has all the color and light that anything you touch is filled with. Hope this last day at home goes well, and that you guys have a safe flight...to PARIS!

    xoxoxoxx, Lena

  8. Kayla, you inspire me. Endlessly. And these paintings are beautiful. That first one captures all the goodness of a summer day, at least in my mind. I'm so excited for your trip to Europe -- I'll be living vicariously through you until I'm able to get there myself (soon, I hope).

  9. Lovely - doesn't it feel so good to paint!

  10. I found your blog randomly, and I like it a lot! You always have great posts.

  11. Beautiful!

    What a sweet gesture. And you should keep painting!


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