03 June 2011

Emotional Rollercoaster + Weekend Blinks

Dream house, anyone? (Photo by loicmoreau via Frolic)

A gold bicycle. I want one. (photo by Isabelle Bertolini as seen on Wit + Delight)

These color gradient necklaces from A Merry Mishap are calling my name in a big way

Chocolate chip cookies in a skillet. Need I say more? (photo by Jen Causey)

Painterly floral inspiration from Once Wed and the always fabulous Michelle Armas

Reminders. (found via Mary Swensen)

The Ageless Appeal of Beverly Cleary via The New York Times

Happy Friday, chickadees! The past few days left me feeling off-centered as I confront the reality of the school year winding down. I anticipate a complete roller coaster of emotion next week (Thursday is our last day). Over the weekend, I plan to relax and carve out time for stillness and reflection. I'm also going to hunker down and get stuff done. Oh and then I want to bake something. Most likely bread, and maybe a cake, too. Have I mentioned that my sister is living with us for the summer? She arrived on Tuesday and we are thrilled to have her. Consequently, my wardrobe just doubled in size, which is fantastical.

Hope your weekend is first rate. xo.


  1. I'm sure you must be excited to have more time and your sister around. Those skillet cookies look wonderful. Have a great weekend!

  2. those flowers... against that painting. gorgeous.

  3. The collection of photos I adore. They've given me such lovely daydreams this morning. And I may need a nice big slice of cake this weekend to get through all the schoolwork I have. Hope you enjoy what's left of the school year and have a fantastic weekend!!

  4. um, that chocolate chip cookie in a skillet... I"m all over that!

    - Sarah

  5. I'm in heaven over all these wonderful links, and delighted that you get to have your little sister with you-how fun!

    What I thought would be a gloriously short week feels never ending, but I can't wait for a cocktail this afternoon!

  6. Welcome to your sister! How fun!

    p.s. gold bike? amazeballs.

  7. Another fabulous Friday post, Kayla! I always love your Blinks but today's are especially awesome. That house! Those cookies in a skillet (I am so trying that)! And Beverly Clearly? I adore her. I feel inspired now to get out all my Ellen Tebbits and Ramona Quimby books and spread out a big blanket on the grass and read the day away...

    Happy Weekend. Enjoy the baking, and wearing your sister's clothes!

  8. I love everything about this post, particularly the darling house!

  9. Great finds, Kayla! I love Tiny Buddha and I love that we keep finding things in common. : ) Every time I see that chocolate chip cookie/cake.. I want it SO bad, ha!

  10. score on the doubling of wardrobe. :) always made me so regretful i didnt have a sister! and with all that awesome advice from mr kors you're going to be looking fabulous i'm sure. enjoy your weekend darling, and best of luck with the end of the school year. xoxo

  11. Those flowers are GORGEOUS! Hope you had a great weekend, and lucky you to have your sister as a new roomie!!


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