19 June 2011

For Dad

Cheesy two-year-old me, because I know you'll appreciate it, Dad. Found this photo nestled in a musty album and couldn't help but smile at my unabashed elation. Sharing it today to accompany the nostalgic card in the lemon-yellow envelope that hopefully arrived in the mail already.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. um. glad you were the cutest child EVER. those cheeks? are you kidding me? and what a sweet post to your papa :) he's one lucky dad, thats for sure.

  2. ...sweet joy befall thee, Kayla Mer...you truly dazzled as a two-year-old as you continue to do so today...I am indeed a very lucky man. Whether I hear the Paul Simon Wild Thornberries song or see a bunch of peonies, ruminate on the color yellow or relish a cup o'strong Kenya AA, I marvel at your take on life's pleasures...astonishing, really and your sister. And I love that your love for each other is deep and true.I am blessed. Thank you for this photo,cutie.xxoo always.


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