21 June 2011


I recently treated myself to a gold-plated french coffee press because I was feeling snazzy and nothing tastes quite as sumptuous as a cup of freshly pressed coffee. I'm all about injecting simple luxury into my life whenever possible. You too?

Also, this short video and the accompanying post provide a beautiful articulation of how satisfying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can be. Enjoy.

(a french press method from hufort on Vimeo).


  1. The only way we drink coffee at home...the best!

  2. Check you out with your fancy pants gold-plated coffee press. I approve! Love the stuff, still waiting for my first cup post illness.

  3. I have a French press too and love it!!! Especially being a "retired barista" lol

    - Sarah

  4. "Injecting simple luxury" into everyday life? Absolutely! I'm all for it.

  5. Whoo-ee, look at that press! It's gorgeous!

    And yes, I agree that our matching vacations are a sign!

    xoxox, Lena

  6. love it! nothing like a french pressed cup of joe!

  7. i always feel so decadent when i break out the french press :-)

  8. Goodness your new gold-plated french coffee press is beautiful! I recently bought a single Bodum french press for my desk at work but yours takes the cake on loveliness :) I'm so with you on injecting simple luxuries into life whenever possible yes!

  9. That video was.... surprisingly captivating. And beautiful!

    LOVE your goldplated french press. I have been meaning to get one for a while- especially because my kitchen is so small.

    All About the Simple Luxury!!!!


  10. YUM. what an awesome addition to your kitchen and daily schedule :) i lovelovelove french press coffee. on the post india to-do list for sure.


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