06 June 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

That tree. I can't stop looking at it. Standing tall in the center of our local park, I pass it by no less than twice daily and pause to stare every time. That's what I did this weekend. A lot of looking. I was struck dumb by Friday's sunset on the tennis courts (pictures to come tomorrow). I had Saturday to myself and while most of it was spent taking care of several odds and ends around the house, I took myself on a long afternoon walk for flowers, pastry and time to think and fill my lungs with fresh air. 

I came home and baked bread just as day gave way to night, timing it so the aroma greeted Emma and Tiho after their day trip to Ithaca to retrieve the remainder of Emma's boxes and furniture. We ate the loaf and licked butter from our fingers before settling in to watch a movie.

On Sunday, I watched my beautiful best friend deliver her very first sermon at a progressive church in the west village. She is currently pursuing a master of divinity in Columbia's Union Theological Seminary while also in the process of becoming ordained. Listening to her sermon made me cry. I am not a usual church-goer but will be returning to this one. I respect and admire the church's philosophy and commitment to peace and social justice. I smiled when I saw the following printed on the program:  "all believers and unbelievers and maybe believers are welcome...regular church hours, irregular church scene."

The remainder of Sunday included a delicious lunch at La Lanterna Di Vittorio followed by a quiet evening at home with my love.

Now, Monday, and a week of celebrations and goodbyes.  What will you be doing?


  1. That sounds like my kind of church. I'd be going again, too!

    I love your strawberry napkin.

    And I love the idea of coming home to fresh baked bread and butter. Mmmm.

    I have a busy week ahead, lots of preschool work to tackle, and starting to write my report cards. I also plan to sit on the beach in the sunshine at some point. Must schedule it in to be sure it happens!

  2. Oooh i've been meaning to stop by Anthropologie to pick up an Anthology magazine. I should just subscribe. Love all the pictures =)

    - Sarah

  3. A lovely weekend, friend! Amazing the restorative power of a long walk and plenty of fresh air, right?!

    P.S. Can't wait to read the new Anthology.

  4. i love that strawberry napkin/handkerchief!

  5. sounds like a great weekend! and as for your comment on friday, i don't not plan on moving anytime soon. i'm a little in love with boston. it would be a great place for you and T to settle.

  6. what a sweet weekend. i think it's great you found a place where you can find a spiritual community. i have been looking for that myself. the problem for me is that i don't like organized religion, so it's tough to find something different from traditional church.

    later this week i'll be saying goodbye to the mister. he's leaving for 10 days to visit family and do some work in north carolina. i used to live alone so i'm excited to have that lifestyle back, but i'm sure after a day or two i'll be so bored! :) i hope you have a very lovely week!

  7. As always, love your weekend scenes. That tree is beautiful.. reminds me of the tree in The Lion King, ha! I wish I could get Anthology! Doesn't come here to Europe (I think it just goes to the UK here). That strawberry napkin is so cute and I like your red ensemble.

  8. I love this weekend, and I'm so excited for you today! John and I had an unusually productive weekend, and John now has a full-blown love affair with yoga (8am sun salutations on a Sunday?). Now it's back to the office, but I'm already dreaming about next week's brunch!

    xoxox, Lena

  9. You know, I'm weirdly excited that my strawberry napkin was such a hit. And of course, thank you for all of your kind comments and thoughtful discussion. xo!


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