13 June 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend, I wore eye liner and red lips and a short black dress. Three bouquets of white floral arrangements currently reside in the house: an orchid plant with twelve blossoms, (gift from a class parent), a bouquet of fluffy garden roses (also a gift) and a massive peony and hydrangea centerpiece from the wedding we attended. I feel so fancy.

The afternoon wedding was lovely with its abundant drink selection and coconut chicken skewers. Tiho and I happened to pose for what is arguably the very best photo we've ever taken together (we have hundreds of photos of the two of us and like approximately three in total).

Other notable awesomeness: juicy California nectarines, salvaged toy wooden taxis (they were in the garbage pile at school on Friday. What!), nighttime reading and candlelit cuddling, fat bagels, and a Sunday dinner/ice cream outing with my aunt, uncle and cutie patootie cousins. This week and next, I'm teaching June camp at my school. Easy hours (9-2) and lots of time on the rooftop playground with sprinklers and wading pools.

Things are swell. Still missing those kiddos of mine but that's not going to change anytime soon. What's new with you?


  1. The shot with the candles burning? yeah, I'd kind like to be there right now. Bliss.

  2. That IS a fabulous photo of you two, so sweet!

  3. Oh my goodness, Kayla, you two are just adorable. :-D Cutest couple ever!

  4. What beautiful scenes from your weekend! Love the bouquet, and your shade of red lips. :)

  5. That really is a fabulous shot of you and Tiho. You should frame it!

    Love those little wooden taxis. Who on Earth would have thought to throw those away?

    I love your photos. Those peonies are stunning.

    I'm going crazy right now with year-end stuff at the school and preschool. Here's hoping I make it through my manic week!

  6. Lovely scenes as always. After seeing that cup of coffee, I now want a cup for myself =)

    - Sarah

  7. fun weekend! lucky you having all those flowers. and that photo of the two of you is totally adorable. i've been working like a mad woman and finally have today off. i'm going to call it my weekend and eat comfort food, watch tv, and maybe do some yard work. i hope you have a blast with your summer camp this week!

  8. gorgeous shots, love, you look aaadorable, per usual. I need to meet your man, too!! xo

  9. What a wonderful weekend-that photo of the two of you is amazing! And all those flowers? I'm in heaven.

    Our weekend was significantly less fancy-I didn't wear a stitch of makeup, and I think I put on "real shoes" maybe once. Flip flops don't count.

    xox, Lena

  10. All sorts of lovely photos as usual! How fun to have a reason to wear a little black dress, non?

    This weekend I was in London for a few days to shop on Oxford Street, catch up with friends over a pint or two at the pub & binge on English newspapers. It was pretty fab.

    Have fun at June camp this week!

  11. This may be my favorite weekend mix of photos from you yet - I like each photo! That first photo really popped and you look so pretty! I find it hard to believe that you two wouldn't look fabulous together in every photo.

  12. Yellow or white nectarines? The white ones are my absolute favorites. These photos are all so beautiful -- I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend, Kayla!

  13. You look so gorgeous! I'm dying over your hair color too! I'm glad you had a great weekend, it looked far classier than mine where sweatpants were the outfit for most days.

  14. There once was a time when you didn't post scenes from the weekend. I don't like to think about that time because I like this time. And I like, ok love, your scenes from the weekend.

    P.S. Also love your use of the phrase cutie patootie.



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