20 July 2011

Iconic Paris

I have something to admit. I am slightly overwhelmed with the process of recapping this trip. I usually don't have trouble editing down the number of images I wish to include when creating a post, but this vacation was a mega one for a lot of reasons and there are so many stories and photos I want to remember and share. And there's still Prague. And Bulgaria. Oh my!

While combing through photos yesterday, I felt inspired to group some together that fall under the category of "Iconic Paris," or, landmarks we associate as unequivocally "Parisian."

First, Notre Dame Cathedral. We stepped off the metro after returning from Versailles, walked a block or two, and gasped. I've always had a thing for churches and this one is truly unparalleled. Also, the sky was a perfect bright blue, which made for a spectacular backdrop. (See photo above).

I was told it would be a crime to visit Paris without making a stop at Laduree for a box of world-famous macarons. I wish I could show you that box, but we ate the entire contents worth within five minutes of purchasing. Let me make one thing very clear: people are not lying. Dessert is a serious thing.

Apparently, a Manhattan(!) location is opening on Madison Avenue soon. This could be very dangerous for my waist line, though I can't say I'm all that surprised. We New Yorkers like to eat and we typically like to eat the highest quality of foods. Also, does this mean I could feasibly have macarons at our wedding?

Looking back, I would say La Seine significantly characterized our trip. The name derives from a Latin phrase meaning "sacred river," which is so apropos in describing moments and memories that occurred while walking along its bank. Much more to come.

And last, the Eiffel Tower. You know, I'm not really one to surrender to the stereotypes, but seeing this structure for the first time gave me chills. It's as tall, as beautiful, and as magical as you've imagined it to be.

We spontaneously decided to climb it at 11:00 PM and even though our feet were sore and our minds were racing with excitement over the day's flurry of activity, I am so glad we did.

I'll let the view speak for itself.

To every person who told me that Paris would change me--you were right. The city of light took my breath away and I'm pretty certain my soul is still floating somewhere over the rooftops.


  1. favorite photo: you holding a macaroon with your hotass engagement ring dangling ever so casually off your finger. LOVE.

  2. I totally understand why posting would be a little overwhelming, but you're doing a wonderful job of posting it in groups. I love seeing each and every one of them.

    I agree with Kimia Kline, that's my favorite photo too!

  3. I am always a bit overwhelmed when trying to recap a trip, it's hard not to share ALL the pics! You got so lucky with the beautiful weather...gorgeous sky behind the Eiffel & Notre Dame. Ah, Ladurée...be still my beating heart.

  4. Oh, boy! Do you want to go back? And take me?! Haha.. I feel like it's a crime that I'm so close and yet so far. Can you believe I've never had a macaron? In my entire life, while in Paris and out. Crazy!

    Your photos are so so beautiful and I love being able to see your visit this way!

  5. your pictures are soooooo dreamy...I die!!!

    I spent a few days in Paris with my high school sweetheart the spring we were graduating from high school...just magical. that sparkling city changed me too. it was then that i knew I had to study art in college...even though I wanted to be a doctor. "art" became real to me on that trip...i never wanted to live without it. Hence my worthless - yet soul satisfying - degree in art history.

    I'm SO excited to see your pictures and hear about your adventures!!!

  6. I second what Kimia said! thanks for indulging all of us with details, post by post (can't even imagine trying to recap a trip like this!).

  7. Swoon. This is such a perfect Paris post, darling.

    And I third what Kimia said-the photo made my heart pitter patter!

  8. "The city of light took my breath away and I'm pretty certain my soul is still floating somewhere over the rooftops."

    Could your writing me anymore beautiful? I don't think so.

  9. Amazing post! I need to go back there and get some macaroons!!

  10. Absolutely love the photos. I've never been to Paris (well unless you count spending some time hanging out at the airport being to Paris, which i don't!).

  11. I knew you would love Paris! How could you not?? You know what? I'm a lucky girl, because not only did I get to live in Paris for a year (as a nanny for a French family, back when I was young & foolish!) but I have had many a chance to be back there since then. And even now (when I live only a few hours away on the train) you know what happens? The night before I go to Paris, I can't sleep. Not a wink. It just does that to me! Tu comprends?

    Beautiful photos, beautiful ring, beautiful words, beautiful you!

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  13. Looking absolutely gorgeous with that ring on your finger, my dear, I am loving all of these beautiful photos (they are making me want to return to Paris ever so strongly).

    Love Airbnb, how awesome is it?

    Oh, I am so excited to see you in real life oh so soon! :)

  14. These pictures are killing me----need a trip to Paris yesterday!

  15. Gorgeous photos. I completely understand how you feel about trying to recap your whole trip. I think that's why I did weekly updates instead. A few people suggested I put all my photos on flickr but that seems so time consuming! I'm really glad you posted all these photos though -- I've never been to Paris and I want to go even more now.

  16. I'm in awe, I'm in awe! Soaking all of this up : )

  17. How fun! I'm loving all of your photos and pretending I'm in Paris too! ;0)


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