29 July 2011

Six Hours in Prague

We had six hours to spend in Prague thanks to an extended layover, although we almost didn't make it out of the airport after taking a peek out the window and catching sight of the ominous skies. I'm glad we channeled our adventurous spirits, because Prague is a city from another time and place and so completely worth the experience.

Following, a brief overview of what we saw whenever we weren't dodging puddles and attempting to stay dry.

It may have been 47 degrees and raining, but we sure were happy to be there! (Note to self: pack warmer clothes, even while traveling in July).

 The Saint Vitus Cathedral looked dark and mysterious from the outside..

 ..but was filled with color and beauty on the inside. Hands down, the prettiest and most striking stained glass I've ever seen.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from the stunning architectural details around every corner.

 Any city that has its own museum dedicated to toys is automatically awesome.

And orange roofs! I've since decided that the combination of orange roofs and Gothic architecture strikes the perfect balance of cheerful and moody.

This little guy scared the bajeezus out of me while I was inhaling a slice of pizza in the street. Apparently, Czech birds enjoy pizza and will fly directly at your face to let you know they desire yours.

Next time you find yourself in Prague, consider yourself aptly warned.

Requisite handsome fiancé city from a bridge shot.

Welcomed greenery. I can only imagine what this city looks like on a sunny day.

If we'd had more time to explore, I would have loved to take a spin on the trolley (bus?). What is it about trolley cars that's so dang charming?

Alas, after a couple of hours of walking in the rain and soaking our shoes, we ducked undercover for an early dinner and hot beverages.

I sat directly under the heater and it was glorious. Something else worthy of mention? My cup of coffee--Europeans definitely know how to brew.

Once our bellies were full, we selected a puppet as our souvenir (so many puppets in Prague!) and collapsed on the shuttle back to airport.

Tired and freezing, we were certainly excited for the warm bed and change of clothes awaiting us in Bulgaria but happy that we made the decision to brave the elements and spend our afternoon in this beautiful, one-of-a-kind European city.

Prague: we shall return. I need to see how you shimmer in the sunlight.


  1. Sounds glorious! So many wonderful places to go...so little time.

  2. wow! prague looks amazing through your eyes. the buildings are so pretty. i especially love the last photo with the row of buildings. Are these apartments? They look similar but yet different. Loving the muted paint colors on them too.

  3. you had me at toy museum. and that bird demon made me laugh so hard.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you decided to go on a little adventure even though the weather wasn't desirable! I was only able to spend about three hours in Prague, but it was so worth the stop (and getting behind on travels). You're so right.. Prague is unlike any other city.

  5. That stained glass is fantastic! I'm glad you got out to explore the city -- if only briefly and in the rain. I'm sure this won't be your last encounter with Prague.

  6. Wow. Em has been to Prague a few times and shown me her photos and I always think... "THAT is a city I really must see." Aren't you glad that you did? You've gotta love a nice, long layover like that!

    Your photos are gorgeous, Kayla. Just gorgeous!

  7. I'm so delighted by your adventurous spirits-no doubt John and I would have curled up with some airport coffee and been miserable!

  8. even with dreary weather, I think prague still looks wonderful! (maybe it's because I'm used to the dreary weather here...) hope you have a relaxing + wonderful weekend!

  9. How fantastic! Lucky you. Thanks for the photos.


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