05 August 2011

Bringing Back the Blinks

Blinks take a decent amount of time to compile and can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure to maintain on a weekly basis. However, there are many lovely and inspiring things out there and I believe they should be shared. I do my best to highlight products, photos, ideas and articles that haven't already been blogged to death because then it just feels trite and monotonous.

Enjoy the latest and greatest of what's recently caught my eye:

Have you seen the beauty that is Amy Merrick's new website?  Floral styling and event design has never looked prettier

Paris green and gold might just be my favorite color combination. (photo by Little Brown Pen)

 Great typography + message. (via One Off)

How beautiful is this photo print from the Handle With Care shop? (run by the same duo behind Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot)

Not in the market for a new coffee table, but if I was, I'd choose this little guy from West Elm

Admiring the patchwork of color in this upcycled wallet from Holstee (via Mint)

 Love love love the deep plum and yellow pigments on this pillow from the fall collection at H&M Home. (via Bright Bazaar)

I really want to try this tutorial for making teacup candles. (Visit Hey Gorgeous for the full instructions)

Oh weekend, precious weekend. It's going to be a special one because Tiho and I are celebrating two years together. My, how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I wrote this post.

Hope yours is filled with sweetness and plenty of light.


  1. I enjoy blinks, happy it's back! Wishing you and Tiho a fabulous anniversary, you have so much to celebrate! Bon weekend mon amie....xo

  2. this is my first time seeing this Blink series and I really enjoyed it

    Thank you!

  3. I love Blinks - so pleased to see it back. Thanks for taking the time to compile it for us - and for including Bright.Bazaar! Have a top weekend (and congrats on almost two years). xx

  4. happy, happy two years and many more to you and Tiho!! enjoy your weekend, Miss Kayla!

  5. Happy Anniversary, darling! I hope you and Tiho have fun celebrating!

    And that photograph of the sheep on the field is incredible. I wish I could be sucked through the computer and come out wherever that place is.

  6. I swear I've sat in and photographed the same chairs as Little Brown Pen! They're in the most beautiful spot ever...I may or may not long to return every day. :)

    And, I too am digging the teacup candles! What a sweet way to put to use all those mismatched teacups.

    P.S. Glad you loved the bridesmaid boxes! I think they're my favorite creative project I've ever tackled...but, I know your maids will love any effort you choose to put into asking them! :)

  7. I love the blinks, and appreciate all the effort that goes into blogging them. So, thank you!

  8. I knew I was forgetting something in my last comment: happy two year anniversary!!

    Holstee .. gotta love those wallets!
    How on earth did I not see that image from Mr & Mrs Globetrot?! So pretty! And, yes! Amy Merrick's website is gorgeous!


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