19 August 2011

Headed to the Cape + Weekend Blinks

The perfect bouquet? (spotted on Heart of Light)

 So true. Cannot believe another school year is just a few weeks away

Kate Moss's romantic English wedding = jawdropping. (photos by Mario Testino for Vogue)

I'm currently stalking a pair of pompom curtains that look exactly like this. That loose wildflower arrangement is also pretty bangin' (photo by Amy Merrick)

 This house is so stylish and fresh. (See more on Trendland, discovered via Automatism)

 Salted mudslide cookies. Why are you still sitting here reading this?

 Thank goodness I won't be searching too laboriously for a 2012 calendar.  Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. made the perfect one and it will be hanging on my wall

 Can everyone take forty seconds to watch, consider and share? (via WWF foundation)
The online world seemed quiet this week. I'm guessing people are off their computers and outside enjoying these last few weeks of the season. At least I hope so. We're headed to my family's cottage in Cape Cod for the weekend. I can't believe it's the only visit we were able to swing this summer, but I'll take what I can get. And what I can get better include a lobster roll (the buttery kind, because mayo and I do not get along).

Hope it's beautiful where you are.

P.S. A few lovely surprises this week: Erin shared the incredibly thoughtful parcel she sent me a while back and Alli posted about a care package + painting I recently sent her. Man, do I love blogging and the friendships it has afforded me.


  1. Ooh, I love that calendar!

    And, umm, remember how the other day I invited myself to your apartment? Well, now I'd like to come along with you to Cape Cod, too! I checked out your post from last summer and all I can say is Swooooooooon! It has always been a dream of mine to visit Cape Cod. Your cottage is pretty much just as I imagined it to be.

    Have a marvellous weekend! And thanks for linking to my post. I'm still so glad you won that giveaway!

  2. Have a lovely weekend at Cape Cod! I really do love Rifle Paper Co.!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful post, full of gorgeous eye-candy! What an amazing way to end the week - beautiful, stunning and delicious images! Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

  4. So jealous of your cape trip! 29 days until we are there, but I wish we could drive there for the weekend! Maybe someday ;)
    I seriously cannot get enough of Kate's wedding, i am obsessed. and I love that all of her flower girls look like models. gorgeous.

  5. the calendar, the cookie, the cottage? seriously? that sounds like pure MAGIC. enjoy every second. cannot wait for the aftermath photos :) xoxoox

  6. It really has been quiet this week! I thought it was just me, I'm glad someone else noticed it too.

    Have a great time this weekend!!

  7. This is a whole lot of perfect-and that WWF foundation video melted my heart. Hope this weekend is PERFECT and that you get all the buttery lobsta rolls you can eat!

    xoxox, Lena

  8. that wwf video is so beautiful. i love the concept and it's so true! we are all connected - to other people, to all other species, and to our planet. also, kate moss's wedding? wow! and the print about toy telephones is hilarious. ha! oh man, kids are awesome at reminding us all there's an inner child within.

    have the best time at the cape!

  9. I just stared at that cookie photo for a good 10 seconds, like a total weirdo. It looks SO GOOD! Have a wonderful weekend, Kayla!

  10. That video was so incredible and important, though simple. There are a lot of things I've been thinking about lately and this adds to them. Significantly.

    Hope you have a fantastic time in Cape Cod this weekend!! I wish I could join you there.

  11. I hope you've had a lovely weekend... can't wait to see some photos!

    I loved every single blink here, but that video really captured me (although, I'm sure you knew it would). ;) I'm thinking I'll need to share it over on FLC soon! It reminds me of the video I just posted this week.

    That toddler phone graphic made me smile.
    That cookie made me hungry! - I wish it was vegan so I could go make a batch now, ha!
    The calendar is beeeautiful.
    I love a well-styled, all-white house (that peace sign pillow - so cool!).
    Aaaand.. my goodness, that photo of Kate's wedding. Dreamy!
    Those curtains are so cute!
    And I thought the first photo was yours at first, you always have such beautiful flower photographs. :)


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