11 August 2011

How Do You Stay Creative?

Sometimes, the only thing I want to do is sit on my couch with my laptop, a novel, a glass of wine and a movie.  I very much enjoy these activities and like to indulge them in order to relax and unwind.

Conversely, I also recognize how taking the time to create something--anything--makes my spirit come alive. Whether it's slinging words onto paper, using my hands to knead a loaf of bread, or dragging the paintbrush across a blank canvas, my core perks up.

I want to proactively set aside time for these endeavors in my everyday routines. I'm curious: Do you consider yourself creative? If so, how do you integrate creativity into your daily life in a way that feels natural and inspired?

P.S. This is one of the best articles I've ever read on the subject. Maybe one of the best articles I've ever read on any subject.

(Photo by Jules Falk Hunter)


  1. Just read the article, and I have to agree. That might just be the best thing I've read on any topic!

    And the best way to be creative that I've found: pick out a chunk of time and hide your laptop, phone, and tv remote.

    Be bored and wait. In a little while you'll figure out what to do. This was born from a power outage. The first few hours I was just waiting desperately for things to turn back on for the love of all that's holy. And then I sat by the window and started to paint. And it was the best day ever. Sometimes the best way to be creative is to be bored, as contrary as that sounds.

  2. Youre right, that may be the best article ever written!

    As far as being creative goes, I too find it difficult. It's sad when life gets in the way of it. I find that my blog gives me a huge creative outlet to just spew out whatever I'm feeling, whatever I'm doing. It's helped a lot in that way. But I do think that the most important thing to do is to disconnect. Go to a park. Take your sketchbook and just draw. Or write. Get away from the computer, from everyone else and just do what feels right. It's hard but it's important and I always feel so refreshed once I've had those few quiet moments to myself

  3. I'm so lost on this one. My life is just so busy that the creativity often takes a backseat. Alan is always encouraging me to write a novel. I've always wanted to...

    I think I'll go check out that article right now!

    PS: I love that photo :)

  4. I don't consider myself particularly creative, but I bet my mother would absolutely disagree. In fact, I can hear her protesting in my head. Hearing voices=sign of ultimate creativity.

  5. I have a read a ton of books on creativity and the biggest thing is doing it everyday- even if it's sitting with a paint brush or pencil in your hand. Have you tried reading the Artist Way? .I'll go read the article. :)

  6. While I love the moments when my creativity seems to effortlessly appear, I find that in order to be consistently creative, I just have to have the discipline to make myself engage in creativity. This isn't really a "natural" way to incorporate creativity, but it seems that even when I have to force myself into it to begin, within a few moments it no longer feels forced at all. I just need to make myself get started, then the motivation and inspiration to continue comes along.

  7. Thank you to everyone for the tips and advice.

    @Erica: I've heard of it, and am going to get myself a copy asap. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. I feel like what he's saying was my story. For twenty years I kept my personality and skill set in a box and contained myself to language arts. When I finally had the guts to just TRY some things, I loved it an knew I could just possibly TRAIN myself to do some of this creative stuff well. It doesn't bubble out of my soul. I have to work at it, but it's so rewarding!

    Thanks for the great read, Kayla!

  9. awesomesauce article. and so true. my fave quote was the one about being boring in your everyday life so you can be violent and surprising in your artwork. also marrying well :) sage advice.

  10. I feel like jumping into that image and joining in the fun! I haven't painted in so long and miss it. I'm so glad you mentioned making food as something creative. I do it so often and forget that it is, indeed, art (even though I said that exact thing "cooking/baking is ART" the other day to my brother).

    I stay creative these days mostly through Four Leaf Clover and the little designs I make on there, making food, and much more needs to be added to that list!

  11. First, I LOVE this photo so much. It totally makes me want to paint and get all messy doing so.

    I do consider myself a creative person, though I've discovered I can't force my creativity. I also realize that sometimes I can be more creative about other people's projects than my own. Is that weird? But it's true. I've also never considered setting time aside for it, though I guess that goes with my inability to force it. I just try to keep my eyes open and be on the lookout for inspiration all the time. Of course, there are some things I always feel I'm being creative when doing, especially baking. I feel like I've got a gift for that.


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