26 August 2011

Hurricane + Weekend Blinks

Recently discovered Malika Favre's bold graphics and am utterly charmed by the Parisian chicness of them all (prints available!)

One of the many reasons reading is good for the soul (by gloxinia via kathryn's pinterest)

This heart walkway alone is enough to make me want to visit Petit Hotel Hafa in Mexico. The under $100/night price tag = major temptation. (found via Mustard & Sage)

New cuteness from Oeuf. You guys can't begin to guess how many times a day I announce to Tiho, "let's have a baby now"

I dislike math and still think this pi bowl is rad. ($25 right here)

Looks like Hurricane Irene is descending upon us this weekend. We have brunch plans in the city and an end-of-summer barbecue to attend: yikes. Next week kicks off the official beginning of back-to-school with meetings and classroom set-up: double yikes.

In addition to the blinks above, check out a few great articles I've explored online recently:

And last, a friendly invitation to pop over for a visit to my kidspiration blog, Exquisite Banana Junior.

Until Monday,


  1. I would totally use that bowl for pie. ;)

    Seems we both have baby fever, and of course our "side blogs" don't help us much, hehe.

  2. The pi bowl is awesome! Does it come in plates and pie dishes too??
    I had to cancel my Sunday brunch plans thanks to this storm, but I've stocked up on all the ingredients I need to make my own here at home. Stay safe and dry this weekend, my dear!

  3. you two stay safe this weekend!

  4. Very interesting articles! Thanks for sharing.

    We accidentally planned our trip for Niaraga for this weekend, so we'll miss all the hurricane excitement (just like we missed the earthquake) but I hope Irene is gentler to our area. Stay safe!

  5. Oh man, that Oeuf baby is so cute (and chic) :-) Stay dry this weekend!

  6. That F. Scott Fitzgerald quote makes me swoon, and I might just need to book a trip to Mexico next week. Hope you guys are safe and sound this weekend, and that this first week of "fall" is a huge success!

    xox, Lena

  7. I spent 4 hours in my classroom today, putting up bulletin boards and organizing puzzles and the like... Where on Earth did the summer go?!

    Stay safe and dry this weekend- don't even attempt to go out for brunch or a BBQ. No one wants you to get swept away by the wind and rain!

    Looking forward to the scenes from your blustery weekend.


  8. Oh, and that pi bowl? J'adore! {even though I HATE math}

  9. Hey, thanks for talking about my Pi bowl. My boyfriend has recently gone back to college and is taking algebra. He "made" me do a word problem today before I could go play at the pool with my niece and nephew. I got the answer right... I am so smart. :)

  10. That quote makes me really really happy, it is so very true and so eloquently put. I want to go to Mexico SO badly, it has been far too long and that hotel is calling my name :)

  11. Be careful, Kayla! Stay safe. I hope you're able to enjoy the weekend you've planned.

    I'm happy you posted so many of the bold graphics from Malika Favre, I wanted to see more than just one!

    That hotel in Mexico is so cute!

    Aw... now I'm excited for you to have little ones, ha!

  12. Those cutie little shoulders on that outfit are just too gorgeous!

    Stay safe this weekend and good luck with the back to school plans.

  13. pi bowl is nerdy and i love it! love your blog. :)

  14. That is a wonderful quote by Fitzgerald. My high schoolers sometimes wonder why we read so many works with such gloomy or despondent themes. THAT is why! They just haven't hit too many low points in life yet, I suppose :)

  15. lol. you cant imagine how many times i day i tell kenny, "omg, wtf will we do if i get pregnant."


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