18 August 2011

New Art 'Round Here

When I was walking through Barnes & Noble in Union Square last week, I spotted a rack of beautiful postcards. I couldn't resist scooping a few up and chose to frame this sweet cottage garden scene for our bedroom. The artist is Jessie Krause.

Remember these photos I snapped along the Seine in Paris last month? I had recently heard about Easy Canvas Prints and decided to try them out. I'm thrilled with how my image looks blown up and stretched onto a ready-to-hang canvas. The process literally took three minutes and the parcel arrived on my doorstep within a week of placing the order. (By the way, this is in no way a sponsored post. I am simply a happy customer, and wanted to pass my recommendation along to all of you).

I almost cried when I received this surprise engagement gift from Nichole of Little Brown Pen. I immediately ran out to buy a frame and am now determining the perfect spot to hang it. Thanks again, Nichole: we love it!

We bought this small, original oil painting from an elderly man with an art stand in Varna, Bulgaria. It cost approximately $10 US dollars and I am still kicking myself for not bagging his entire inventory.

These brightly-hued spray roses are not technically art, but the colors are so magnificent, they may as well be. This color combination also happens to be a front runner for my wedding bouquet...


  1. Wow! That's a lot of lovely art {especially those beautiful roses}. I have the Little Brown Pen perpetual Paris calendar. Love her photos...

    One day I'd like to visit your apartment. I think it must be wonderfully colourful and homey. {look at me, all inviting myself over!}

  2. First things first, soulmates indeed.

    So it's no wonder that I love all this gorgeous new art, and those beautiful spray roses!

    xoxoxoxox, L

  3. I would like to dive into those roses and stay a while, please!

  4. Love those photos on the canvas! I'll have to check that out- what a wonderful idea.

    Beautiful flowers, too!!

    ps. time is drawing near for me to be able to book a REAL date with you!!! yayyy!!! cocktails? dinner? coffee? walks in the park? all the above??? get ready for the biggest hug of your life.

  5. Sigh. What beautiful images! I love custom art and using my own work whenever possible.

  6. All of these pieces of art (yes, flowers included) are beautiful! I love that you decided to turn your photography into something you could hang up and that it was so simple! I think you and I have very similar taste (well, at least when it comes to all of these images!). Looove that first postcard and your gift from Nichole!

  7. Wow Kayla! You found some really great pieces! It's easy to think about how expensive art is, but you made a post all about how inexpensive and simple art can truly be.

    Love the canvas print of you two on the Seine. There's no way you could ever forget how you felt at that moment...

  8. That is so so sweet of Nichole!! How fun! I love the idea of framing a postcard - so simple and sweet!


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