25 August 2011

Our Wedding: City Hall Style Preview

I've previously mentioned we're planning two weddings. The short of it: We're eloping at city hall next month for a variety of reasons related to finances/visa stuff/family members being out of the country. Then, in spring of 2013, we're having our "big" wedding celebration complete with a ceremony, reception and loved ones. We've already booked our photographer and are in the midst of locking in a venue for the 2013 date. Early bird gets the worm, right?

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, because technically, I get to marry the love of my life twice and in two completely different ways.

Much more to come regarding the second wedding, but now, first things first: city hall inspiration.

Hello dream world? Two wedding looks to choose! This time around, let's call it "classic romantic meets New York City sexy." The board should give you an idea of what I'm envisioning.

One of the pieces included up there actually represents something I've already purchased. Can you guess what it is? Hint: it's not the rings, though we've ordered those, too (not the ones pictured but pretty similar).

Eee! Just a smidge over a  month 'til I have a husband.

(links: gold clutch; wanderlustings hairpiece; asos lace dress; cole haan pumps; garden rose bouquet; kate spade red lipstick; eidelprecious rings)


  1. A husband.. ah! So exciting :)

    And so happy to be part of the club now!!

  2. How fabulous! Secretly I am jealous that you get to have a wedding with just the two of you, I think city hall weddings are super romantic. AND even more fun to be able to plan two outfits!
    We can celebrate newlywed status together as today is 30 days from our wedding :)

    SO excited for you both! xox

  3. SO exciting, and I have been wishing we did a city hall ceremony before our bigger (albeit still small) wedding.

  4. sounds so wonderful! I love your moodboard, too. My guess is that you've already bought the dress :)

  5. You're going to be a gorgeous bride, both times! I had no idea you were going to get married so soon! My goodness.. you're a fast worker, on this wedding AND the second one!

    Now I'm super curious what you've already gotten. At first I thought the red lipstick, but I'm not too sure. Love it all, and especially that dress (!!!) and the matching hair floral piece and bouquet.

  6. yay!! i love it. i had about 4 different wedding ideas that i was absolutely in love with and it was so hard to choose. i would have been in heaven if i got to put two of them into action instead of having to pick one. lucky girl! :) and i love the idea of a city hall elopement. i saw several at city hall in SF and they were so sweet and romantic. eee!

    oh, and is it your dress that you've already gotten? it's your dress isn't it? is it? :)

    ps - thank you for swearing in my comments. i loved it so fucking much!!

  7. That dress is amazing, so I hope it's that, but regardless, you'll look stunning! I'm so excited for you!

  8. i hope it's that amazing dress - but i'm guessing it's the red lipstick...don't you own, like, every shade of red lipstick under the sun!?

  9. Aw yay! I might be going down this road too - visa issues as well :)

    But so yay for two weddings :)

  10. Love, love, love! I'm so thrilled that you get to have two wonderful weddings. And the first one is so soon!!! Is that why you've already bought some fabulous red heels? hmmm?

  11. Seriously, I can't handle how alike we can be. Our city hall wedding? That red polka dot dress I'm wearing, red lips and cream colored shoes.

    I am so excited for you to be a WIFE-eek!

  12. I was going down the same line as Erin (what a surprise!) and was going to say those fabulous red heels, is my guess!

    I think we should definitely be allowed two weddings at least (to the same man of course) so that we are able to indulge ourselves with different styles each time. So exciting!

  13. Oh my goodness it's so soon!! Hooray!!! City hall weddings, let alone in New York, sound super sexy. No doubt you're going to make it awesome. I'm dying to know what you've already purchased!!! My lame guess is the lipstick? I don't know, one of the little things to get you excited? Tell us!


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