08 August 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Thunderstorms all day Saturday created the perfect excuse to burrow underneath the covers with hot tea, candlelight and plenty of reading material. That's what I did for the entirety of the day and let me tell you, it rocked.

I ventured out of my cave for a home-cooked dinner and then listened to the rain beat against the windows as we snuggled with a movie.

On Sunday, we treated ourselves to a delicious Thai dinner at a local restaurant that's been on our "must try" list for awhile. We talked about plans for our wedding and the future and I stared across the table at him and felt like laughing and crying at the same time because of how monumental this all is.

My mom is staying with us for a couple of weeks before she leaves the country to spend a year teaching in China: she and my sister surprised us by baking strawberry vanilla cupcakes with lime-infused cream cheese icing as an "anniversary treat." They marched in holding a tray with a candle and sang a little ditty. Have I mentioned my family is super cute? We promptly demolished the entire plate.

Today, officially: Happy two years to my handsome almost-hubby! The best is yet to come.

 (Planned to do this last year. Glad I got my act together this year. He loved it).

P.S. Emma and I went on a sister date to see Crazy Stupid Love on Friday night and it was crazy stupid good. Recommended.


  1. You have the cutest family, seriously. I love your "love search"...so thoughtful. Also, I can't wait to see Crazy Stupid Love, and am so glad to hear it was crazy stupid good, hehe.

  2. I've been wanting to see Crazy Stupid Love! Must go asap. Gorgeous photos of a fun weekend, my dear:-) xoxo

  3. Don't you just love thunderstorm weekend days spent being cosy inside?! Can't be beaten in my book!

  4. What a wonderful, joyful weekend! I absolutely LOVE this word search-you're speakin' to the geek in me! Hope the time with your Mama is fantastic!

    xoxoxoxo, Lena

  5. ALSO, seriously squealing about your future possible SF trip.

  6. thunderstorms are so perfect and i miss them like crazy out here in california. those cupcakes that your mom and sister made look divine.

  7. So much deliciousness! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Wow. What a fabulous weekend! I love getting cozy indoors with tea and good books and a blanket while a storm rages outside...

    Happy Anniversary to you and your future husband!

  9. When your home is quiet again, I think we need to have a little dinner party. I'll go peach picking and make a fantastic dessert.

    I always love your weekend recaps. They just warm my heart. (And I SO want to see Crazy Stupid Love.)

  10. I've been wondering if Crazy Stupid Love is worth the $10 to see it...glad to hear it is!! :)

    And also...digging the word search! I've totally made a love word-search for my dude! He's kind of a nerd and love, loved it. You were proposed to at Versailles? Helllllloooo, dreaminess!! :)

  11. Great snapshots...all of the food looks beyond delicious!

  12. Your weekend sounds so lovely and needed. I've been all over and return to NJ tomorrow -- can't wait for a few days of being inert :)

  13. Oh, Kayla! I can't believe I'm (almost) a whole week behind. I apologize.. I hope you can forgive me, I don't know where all of this time is going!

    Your crossword is adorable - love the idea! I am now craving strawberry vanilla cupcakes, and I can't wait to watch Crazy Stupid Love... even more so now that I know you saw & loved it! (Oh, and wow about your mom! What an inspiration!)


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