29 August 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

We spent the weekend inside. All plans, canceled, once we received word the entire NYC transit system would shut down at noon on Saturday.  The rain started on Saturday afternoon but the worst of it hit us late that night and early into Sunday morning.

Aside from the post-hurricane snaps I posted yesterday, the photographs I took this weekend subconsciously captured things around our house that emit a sense of familiarity and comfort. Not gonna lie, when I first heard that wind howling, I couldn't stop thinking about the windows crashing on my head while I slept. Destruction spared us in so many ways, but our neighbors have a giant tree uprooted in their backyard and flash flooding continues to threaten the houses just around the corner from our own.

Today, I am thankful for the sight of squirrels scampering up the telephone pole outside my window. People in the neighborhood have banded together to help each other out. Whether the storm affected you directly or not, it's nice to think we're all connected through our humanity, and, our vulnerability.

P.S. The weekend wasn't a complete wash (ha, I made a pun). Our wedding rings arrived (yay!), I broke in new heels by dancing in the bedroom, and Emma made banana pancakes for breakfast. Tiho also caulked the entire bathtub just because he does things like that for fun. Me? I can't not giggle when I hear the word caulk. Oh, and we indulged an epic Modern Family viewing marathon. Phil is my secret lover, didn't I tell you?


  1. I will forgive you even though you put that picture of me up.

    You're pretty :)

  2. I love Modern Family, can't wait for the next series to start and always worth a good re-watch marathon. My favourite character has to be Manny though.

  3. Your pretty bed rmeinds me that I need to hunt for some new sheets! Glad you're doing well post-Irene.

  4. Love that chair! What a nice sister to make you pancakes! :)

  5. This does look like a pretty perfect weekend, and I'm so excited that your wedding rings arrived-eee! I'm still grinning from our email exchange, and cannot WAIT to hear much, much more about next month's ceremony!

    xoxo, Lena

  6. I was thinking about you this weekend, hope you'd be okay, and am so glad you are.. I hope it starts that way!

    There it is.. how we're all connected again. ; )

  7. First and foremost - CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement. Woohoo how wonderful - and such a pretty ring. I've been catching up on all your doings and it sure looks like you've been busy and having fun. Goodness those flooding images are sobering though! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods (mega-storms aside that is). Enjoy the last few days of summer break. Best, Annie x

  8. three things:

    1. glad you are safe and sound!

    2. banana pancakes?? yum.

    3. for some reason, the word caulk has never even occurred to me like that. but now it always will. so, thank you for the giggle.

  9. It was a bit scary this weekend, we're in PA and I have to say communicating with everyone online (including you) was so comforting. Glad we all made it through (mostly) unscathed! Haha...I also can't help but giggle over the word caulk! LOL.

  10. So glad you made it out okay! I cannot get over how crazy Irene was! These are creative photos:)

  11. I think one of the signs of being a good photographer is being able to make a space look entirely different with every photograph. You do just that, Kayla. Love : )

    P.S. the caulk thing is hilarious!! Such a great distinction between male and female minds ; )

  12. WooHoo! Your rings arrived! Are you so excited to be eloping soon?!

    Kind of need that floral tray. And that pin. :)


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