23 September 2011

Autumn Spice & Priorities

Today, it is Autumn. The season of apple picking, leaf crunching, and cinnamon spice candles. I have the strangest feeling it's going to pass me by in the blink of an eye, so I'm making a concerted effort to slow down and savor every sip of hot cider and every crisp morning walk to the train station.

I currently have two "to-do lists" saved on my phone. The first contains the following:

School paperwork, meeting with financial adviser, doctor/dentist appointments, lesson/classroom planning, clean the house, update calendar, email catch-up.

(aka not-so-fun stuff)

There's several more little things on that list (I write everything down so I don't forget), but they were starting to make me anxious. So, I made a second list and titled it "fun to be had." Included there:

De Kooning exhibit at the MOMA, dinner plans with friends, haircut, the start of swing dance lessons, visit to apple orchard, new lipstick, a play date with former students, Sunday walks for library books and coffee, our city hall wedding(!)

My heart rate significantly decreased by creating that second list. Both lists contain important reminders about upcoming priorities. The items on the first don't seem quite as bad now that I've highlighted all of the good stuff, too.

Happy Fall, friends.

(Product roundup: patchwork pillow, marigold coat, illustrated bread recipe, organic tea, bottled cider, cleary heels, wooden pinch bowls)


  1. When's the city hall wedding? It's in September, isn't it? So it must be soon!!!

    Happy weekend, Kayla! We made it through another week {an exhausting one up here, but maybe a bit less overwhelming than last week was... Dare I say I'm starting to adjust to the school schedule again?}

  2. That coat is magical! Love all this inspiration.

  3. Excellent finds. My favs are the fruit bowls and the coat with shoes. I want all of it!

    - Sarah

  4. Kayla I love the idea of a fun and a serious to-do list and I think you have it so right balancing the first with the second.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend. xx

  5. Love this board-John and I just bottled our Thanksgiving cider this week!

    And of course, when I read you have two to-do lists, I grinned. I keep a black Moleskin in my bag for work lists, and a red one for personal! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend, darling!

    xoxoxoxox, Lena

  6. When is your city hall wedding? Soon? I wish I could be there to toss flowers at you.

    And I love love love that yellow coat. I so want to take you shopping with me.

  7. You have some really great items on that list...getting married!!!!

  8. I love this perspective of separating the positives and the negatives. It's so good to write things down. I just end up getting this scattered pile of to do lists and ideas!

  9. Perhaps I need to make a couple lists like that. Hmm.. you've made me excited for fall. Love these fall colors and styles!


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