07 October 2011

Happy Things to End the Week

The week slipped away from me (again) so I'm signing off for the weekend with the offer of a smile, a yellow pompom hat and a cheery striped clutch.

We're attending Ciderfest at our friend's private farm on Sunday which should make for a fun outing in what looks to be an otherwise lazy long weekend. Hallelujah!--just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy yourselves, my dumpling muffins. (Try to picture that for a second. Mumpling? Duffin? I don't even know).


  1. Have a super time at the Ciderfest! I love that 'SMILE' print.

  2. I would totally eat a dumpling muffin :-) That striped clutch is adorable - Happy Friday!

  3. What a wonderful weekend-Ciderfest sounds like heaven! And dumpling muffin is a sure sign this week has gotten away from you, and me too, since I snorted when I read that.


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