14 October 2011

Present and in Awe

"This is how we are supposed to be in the world: present and in awe." -Anne Lamott

These tulips already found their way to the garbage bin, but for seven beautiful days, they were alive and kicking.  Often, that's all it takes: a cheery bunch of curious flowers to remind me what it means to be here now.

Have a wonderful weekend. I've got absolutely nothing scheduled and am thrilled about it!


  1. so pretty :) Have a wonderful weekend, kayla!

  2. Such a perfect sentiment. Have a wonderful, laid back weekend-we're planning on the same!

  3. Tulips are one of my fav flowers - so pretty! Have a great relaxing weekend!

  4. i LOVE fresh flowers! dannon gave me a big bouquet a few days ago. i'm so excited you have a whole weekend with nothing planned. that sounds like heaven! have a fantastic time. oh! and thank you for swearing so much on my blog. it totally made my day. :)

  5. These are so pretty and fun. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!!! I have fum stuff planned, but in a way I kinda wish I had nothing planned like you.

    - Sarah

  6. I love this Kayla! And by the way, I've been catching up on all your news...SO HAPPY for you and your new husband! Best, best wishes.

  7. That sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

    Love a cheery bunch of tulips...

  8. Awesome shots Kayla, and flowers do the same for me...so important. xo

  9. Will be in NYC March 21st-26th... You'd better not be on this coast when I'm there! We need to sit and chat for hours over coffee...

    Let's get planning!

    PS: It's a Mother-Daughter trip so will be there with my mom and sister. I've already warned them I'll be taking off for an afternoon :)


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