10 October 2011

Quiet Moments + A Few Great Things

I'm home today (Columbus was good for something), so I'll hold off with posting 'Scenes from the Weekend' until Tuesday. For now, a handful of quiet moments captured with my iPhone (anyone else cry with the passing of Steve Jobs last week?)

Clockwise from top left: My honey watching football; morning light in the kitchen; a truckload of apples ready to be pressed; evening relaxation.

A few great things:
This song.
This thought
This collection.
This article. (A must).


  1. I did tear up over Steve Jobs, a day later...when I heard him from a past interview on NPR. Such a bright light, extinguished....so sad.

  2. "Columbus was good for something"... ha! I love it!

    Enjoy your extra day off, Kayla. It's Thanksgiving here! It's 9:30 and I'm still in my pajamas! Yay!

  3. I didn't actually cry, but I was totally saddened and bummed.He literally has improved my quality of life.

    - Sarah

  4. Love this-and your Columbus day holiday! The Steve Jobs frenzy was pretty overwhelming here-what a terrible loss.

  5. I don't mean this as idle flattery, but those iPhone pics are really freaking good (the apples look epic!). Sounds like a good/restful kind of weekend so far.

    (PS. Yes, I teared up over the passing of Steve and the many tributes to him. Still thinking about his wife & family he left behind...)

  6. Really good book. And I have to tell you that I adore your selection of music -- I forgot to tell you that on Friday. You and Tiho so need to come down and visit me in DC when I'm settled. I'll cook you dinner when you do.

  7. I love that photo of the apples! I looove that book by Julia Child. Off to read that article! : )

  8. Loved the article (love Anne Lamott- have you read her books? favorites.)


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