11 October 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Pink pink pink pink. I'm all about pink lately. Thought I was beyond it, but nope. Everywhere I turn, my eyes frantically dart to the pink.

And this candle I picked up on Saturday? The one with the most deliciously perfect scent in the entire universe? This is not an exaggeration, guys. I am a very tough critic when it comes to scents. Add in the pretty packaging, and suddenly the $12.95 seems like chump change.

I mustn't forget my beloved orzo salad. I can't believe I haven't shared this recipe yet. It's simple. A pound of orzo, a cup & a half of (fresh) feta, a bag of dried cranberries, a cutting board worth of chopped basil & wild arugula, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of two lemons. Mix it all together, season with salt & pepper, and serve at room temperature. I've eaten a bowl every day for the past four days. You will too if you decide to make it. Promise.

Ah, ciderfest. I've invented a new word: ciderific. Because cider is just that. Especially cider made from apples collected in buckets and then run through a 100-year-old wooden press. There was conversation and laughter, puppies and beer. Babies, trees, a potluck picnic, and leaves the color of fire. Fire leaves! It was all very ciderific.

See? Fire leaves. My camera lens almost melted from those colors.

Lately, I can't seem to satiate my craving for unscheduled down time, preferably in or around my home.  Books, sunlit windows, walkable neighborhood errands, dancing with my husband, dinner with friends, jars of tulips, new leather shoes, letter writing in the coffee shop--these familiar comforts--they're all I seek.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Love those images of fall foliage! and that candle sounds as if it smells so yummy and that orzo salad sounds pretty amazing too!! great ideas :)

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. It's so funny how when you're into a certain color, it tends to stand out EVERYWHERE you look.

    - Sarah

  3. Did you hear yourself just then? "Dancing with my husband"? How wonderful does that sound?!

    I am so making that salad this week. It looks delicious and like something I could bring to work day after day quite happily. Yum!

    And ciderific is probably my favourite new word! Thank you.

    What a beautiful weekend, Kayla. Happy Tuesday!

  4. These images are just perfect-and the apple cider? I'm in LOVE. How I miss East Coast fall weather!

  5. i had a long comment all written out and then blogger, being typical blogger, gave me an error message and erased everything. gah! but basically, i am so in love with this time of year, and the ability to slow things down. last fall was a crazy time for me {our wedding, honeymoon, and desperately looking for jobs}, but this year things are a lot more settled. i'm so excited to be able to enjoy things now. and fall always makes me miss my growing up years on the east coast so much! california {as much as i love it} just doesn't know what fall really is. sigh... :) oh and thanks for the salad recipe - it looks delicious!

  6. Love scented candles. Also loving the colours of those leaves - very pretty.

  7. I am waiting for the weather to return to fall temps, and then we will be feeling "ciderific"! :)

  8. Those familiar comforts are the best aren't they? What a beautiful post and I love your new word :)

  9. I'm very intrigued by that spiced cranberry! That orzo sounds delicious and easy! Beautiful fall photos! I'm the same way about downtime at home. I can't live without it.

  10. I love a good orzo recipe! I will have to try that one out sometime soon.

    P.S. Don't you just wish fall would last forever? The leaves on the trees are that rusty red and brown color instead of bright and vibrant -- oh well!

  11. Loved that orzo dinner. I'm so tardy on my comments. Apologies. But I have to tell you: every time I stop into your blog, I always wish I took my camera out more. I'm going to try and be better about this.

  12. Definitely trying the orzo salad. I picked up a small container of a similar one from a posh grocery store and just stood there eating it, in awe of its deliciousness...


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