31 October 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend took us to the twilight zone and back. We lost all electricity and heat due to Saturday's snow storm: yes, as I'm sure you've heard, the northeast experienced a fairly colossal October snow fall. That's just bananas. The heavy winds and 6 inches of snow caused numerous tree branches to fall down and naturally, all of the main power lines in our county.

It was a more than a little mind-boggling to go from this...

...to that (and in a matter of hours). I felt (still feel) badly for the trees. The beautiful colors of autumn were prematurely snuffed out. How rude.

We combated the chilliness with a serendipitous bottle of Pinot Noir (note the label) and plenty of blankets. We also kept the oven on long after the chicken was finished roasting in order to stay toasty. We were only without heat/power for 24 hours, which was long enough to convince me that I'd make a terrible pilgrim. 

The portion of the weekend falling before the storm was actually quite lovely. I met up with Alice after work on Friday to pick up a few of our wedding prints (yippee!). Afterward, Emma and I enjoyed a sister date in Union Square, complete with a delicious dinner at Max Brenner, a bit of shoe shopping and a viewing of Like Crazy (a really well-acted film with a powerful and highly relative storyline). Tiho and I cashed in a gift card on Saturday, allowing me to indulge a craving for creamy broccoli cheddar soup in a sourdough bread bowl.

When the power switched back on late Sunday afternoon, we celebrated by making coffee and doing five loads of laundry. I had big plans to vacuum/dust the whole house, but the lack of electricity kinda tossed those plans out the window and by Sunday evening, I surrendered to a few days more of messy home living.

And there I go talking about my vacuum again. I'll take that as a sign to say toodle-loo for now! Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween. I'm wearing a creamsicle-colored hoodie today, which is as far as my festiveness stretches this year. What can I say, I started devouring candy corn weeks ago. My sights are already set on Thanksgiving.


  1. I would also be a terrible pilgrim. You guys got it way worse than us in PA-whoa!

  2. That is seriously bananas! I can't believe that - I would feel so bad for the trees too : ( Glad you still made the most of your weekend - sounds cozy and fun! xo

  3. I would make a TERRIBLE pilgrim too! Those guys deserve an award. If I'm not borderline sweating, I'm freezing. I need to feel like I'm in a womb at all times

    Sorry you had to be without heat for so long! It looks like such a lovely winter wonderland out there though!

  4. I know it's terrible for those who lost power (we were very lucky not to!) but a year ago when we didn't have power for other reasons (misunderstanding with psng, my boyfriend and I actually had a great time. We dusted off the candles, an old snuggie (gag gift), some card and board games and had fun the good old-fashioned way prior to light, cable and internet. We dug out of memory old stories that we never told each other. It's amazing how much face time you can give each other without e-distractions.

    I hope everyone gets power soon though. Pets and kids don't handle these situations well.

  5. haha, so funny. what a perfect bottle of wine for your freak snow storm. i hope you have a fantastic halloween!

  6. We used to go to Plymouth Mass to my uncle's heat-free, electricity-free, running-water-free cabin to celebrate Thanksgiving "like the Pilgrims". I was thinking about it yesterday and couldn't figure out how on Earth I'd thought that was such fun!

    Glad the power's back!

  7. Mmmmm was the soup from Panera? That's my favorite thing to order there :)

    So impressed you already have prints of your wedding photos. I have not even close enough to that organized since ours. Sigh. Winter break can't come soon enough.

  8. Loving the WTF bottle of wine for the WTF snowfall in October! (Also loving the wedding prints - gorgeous.)

  9. love the little peak at your wedding pictures!

  10. your beautiful snow pic is insane. i didn't really realize it snowed that much. sheesh.


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